Tsukiji Market : Fresh squid sashimi at Yonehana

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I got up early for a week absence

I got up early and I went to Tsukiji last friday’s morning.
I wanted to eat something good at Tsukiji, but I couldn’t choice any dishes because I was exhausted by work.

So, I ate at Yonehana.
Once I sit down this shop, some dishes come by Chef’s choice (Omakase).

This day, I could choice one from some dishes. (Maybe this is the first time to be able to choice from chef’s choices ?)
* squid (sashimi)
* boiled kichiji rockfish
* curry and rices
* grilled fish (I missed to hear the name of fish.)

Mostly when I go to yonehana, I don’t want to think about breakfast.
I could hardly to decide one. Squid or kichiji rockfish.

Since the person sitting next to me selected squid, I selected squid, too.
I was a little sorry for kichiji rockfish.

Squid sashimi, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)


Shells! Shells!!!
It is good for me to select squid !

Again, simmered beef and tofu.
Today, it had a strong taste. I think it stewed for a long time.

Boiled Tofu and meat with soy sauce, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)


This is the first time, I added shichimi pepper on it.

At first, I added a bit, but the dish have a strong taste, so I couldn’t find any spicy taste.
So, I added much shichimi pepper.

With shichimi pepper, more tasty.

This shichimi pepper made me think of ….

“I want eat more spicy one. ”

I saw spicy miso in front of me. “I want to have it.” in my mind.
And I thought for 10 minutes.

I was asked, “More tea ?”

(I don’t want tea, what I want is, I want is …. )

(I want that spicy miso … but I ate many ichimi senbei on the job yesterday)

(Stop….but..if I can eat it now, I don’t mind to be die)

Yakitori – Dark meat (Salted) 250 yen

Yakitori, Yonehana (Tsukiji Market)


With shichimi, and furthermore, with spicy miso (and, much),without reservation.
I must have being exhausted.
I don’t always use much seasoning.

But. But!
Fresh chicken was very fresh, so it was equal to spicy miso.

I’m filled with satisfaction 😀

After‐hours work of this day, too, I ate ichimi senbei 😛

About Yonehana (米花)

Address / Tsukiji Market Bldg No.8, 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukijishijo station (Toei subway)
Open / 5:30 – 13:30
Closed / Market’s holidays

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