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[Tokyo] A variety of coffee at Cafe Bach (カフェ バッハ) in Minami Senju


After we got out of Dote no Iseya in Minowa, we had coffee break at Cafe Bach (カフェ バッハ) nearby. They are long-established cafe since 1968.

There’s a large window along the road, so it’s bright. The wall is white and furniture is based on brown. It’s tidy and have calm and relaxing atmosphere.

They have a variety of coffee from all over the world. It’s hard to decide. But I managed to decide one. This coffee is from Haiti. It lived up to all the rave reviews it got. Though I put much milk and sugar into it 😛

Haiti – Mare Blanche (ハイチ・マール・ブランシュ) 600 yen

By the way, Minowa is not safe. It is Japanese skid row. So I recommend you don’t go at nighttime there by yourself. We walked along comparatively safe, main street at daytime.
But there are some gloomy and vicious back alleys.


Name Cafe Bach (カフェ バッハ)
Open Morning through evening
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
URL Website

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