Kanda : Tendon bowl at Yatsudeya (八ツ手屋)

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Great historic tempura restaurant in Kanda area

Finally, I visited longing tempura restaurant named “Yatsudeya” in Kanda area.
Yatsudeya have long history. They started their business over 100 years ago (in 1914).

Their house is, as you see, old. I wanted to visit this old house for a long time.
I love such a historic building.

Appearance, Yatsudeya (Awajicho)

Door, Yatsudeya (Awajicho)

Menus in vertical lines.
Menu, Yatsudeya (Awajicho)

When you enter the house, shop staff welcome you and ask your order at first. And you need to pay the cost.
And then you can be seated where you like.

Interior2, Yatsudeya (Awajicho)

Not only its appearance, but also the interior is old. They have nostalgic atmosphere.
Though the house is old, it’s clean. So, no problem 🙂

Interior3, Yatsudeya (Awajicho)

Interior1, Yatsudeya (Awajicho)

I chose normal tendon bowl (天丼<中>, 750 yen). At first, tea and pickled vegetable (takuan) was served. (chopstick, too)

Tea, Yatsudeya (Awajicho)

It took 10 minutes or so, my tendon was served. It had two shrimps and kakiage.The sauce was rather sweet, but it wasn’t heavy. The sauce went with rice very well.
I have to say, those shrimps are small and those coatings were thick. But its coatings having sauce is crisp and tasty. And you remember it cost you only 750 yen.
I think it’s great thing that small restaurant serve tendon bowl with only 750 yen in Tokyo.

Tendon, Yatsudeya (Awajicho)

Kakiage had squids and onions. So crisp 🙂

Kakiage, Yatsudeya (Awajicho)

Yatsudeya is open from 11:00 a.m. through 2:00 p.m. on weekdays only.
So, it’s hard to visit. But it’s worth visiting.

About Yatsudeya (八ツ手屋)

Address / 2-16 Kanda-Tsukasa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Station / Awajicho station (Tokyo metro), Ogawamachi station (Toei subway), Kanda station (JR, Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:00 – 14:00
Closed / Satudays, Sundays and another national holidays


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