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[Tokyo] Pudding at Hekkelun (ヘッケルン) in Toranomon


When I have medical checkup in Shimbashi, I usually go to Hekkelun (ヘッケルン) to have coffee break. They are old kissaten.

They are open from 8 a.m. and serve breakfast until 11 a.m. Breakfast is 450 yen having toast, salad, coffee or tea. Though it attracted me, it was already past 1 p.m. and I had already lunch in the hospital.

Hekkelun is a small shop having counter seats mainly and some tables. Smoking is permitted in the shop everywhere. Mainly smokers are office workers around here. If you want to avoid smoke, I recommend you visit there except from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. It’s their lunch time. There’ menu on the wall. I’m afraid there’s no English menu.

Cozy atmosphere

<Coffee, tea, cocoa>
Blended coffee (ブレンドコーヒー / 350 yen), American coffee (アメリカンコーヒー / 350 yen), Iced tea (アイスティー / 350 yen), Iced coffee (アイスコーヒー / 350 yen), Iced cocoa (アイスココア / 450 yen), Milk (ミルク / 350 yen), Tea (紅茶 / 350 yen), Kilimanjaro coffee (キリマンジャロ / 400 yen), Brazil coffee (ブラジル / 400 yen) , Mandheling coffee (マンデリン / 400 yen), Mocha coffee (モカ / 400 yen), Columbia coffee (コロンビア / 400 yen), Cafe au lait (カフェオレ / 380 yen), Blue Mountain coffee (ブルーマウンテン / 450 yen), Royal milk tea (ロイヤルミルクティ / 400 yen)

<Another drinks>
Milk shake (ミルクセーキ / 450 yen), Lemon juice (レモンジュース / 410 yen), Orange juice (オレンジジュース / 400 yen), Tomato juice (トマトジュース / 350 yen), Lemon Squash (レモンスカッシュ / 450 yen), Orange Squash (オレンジスカッシュ / 450 yen), Coke (コカコーラ / 350 yen)

Toast (トースト / 230 yen), Toast with jam (ジャムトースト / 250 yen), Ham sandwich (ハムサンド / 350 yen), Vegetable sandwich (ヤサイサンド / 350 yen), Vegetable sandwich (350 yen), Egg sandwich (タマゴサンド / 330 yen), Cheese toast (チーズトースト / 350 yen), Tuna sandwich (ツナサンド / 450 yen)

Jumbo pudding (ジャンボプリン / 350 yen) , Bavarois (ババロア / 400 yen), Ice cream (アイスクリーム / 400 yen), Jumbo pudding and coffee set (ジャンボプリンセット / 600 yen)

<Float drink>
Cream Soda (クリームソーダ / 450 yen), Coffee float (コーヒーフロート / 450 yen), Coke float (コーラフロート / 450 yen), Orange float (オレンジフロート / 480 yen)

Their No.1 Food is Jumbo pudding set. Many guests visit for it.

This is the jumbo pudding set. Pudding and coffee cost us only 600 yen ! It’s so inexpensive. Here’s the center of Tokyo ! The older man brew one coffee with vacuum coffee maker at one time.

Jumbo pudding set (ジャンボプリンセット) 600 yen

Pudding. It had rich flavor of eggs. And rich caramel source was sweet and tasty. The pudding’s name have “Jumbo”. It means “Big”. But no problem. Certainly it is larger pudding, it’s not incredibly large portion. I could eat it up with easily 🙂

I recommend this shop if you want to enjoy old kissaten called “Jun Kissa”, or enjoy sweet pudding.

Hekkelun is so popular the pudding, but their milk shake is awesome. The shopkeeper cook it with mixer. Not with automatic blender ! Cool ! It’s so smooth and creamy. Just only egg, sugar and milk ! It was sweet but it had less sugar than pudding.

Milk shake (ミルクセーキ) 400 yen


Name Hekkelun (ヘッケルン)
Open Morning through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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