Oysters at Tsukiji 3/4

Oyster ramen's oysters, Yajima (Tsukiji Market) CITY GUIDE
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There’s some eateries that I hadn’t visited.
One of the eatery was …

Appearance, Yajima (Tsukiji Market)

It is Chinese foods eatery like noodles, steamed meat dumplings, fried rice and so on.

And Yajima serves oysters ramen from December to next March every year.
Oyster ramen – that sounds yummy, but I hadn’t been there.

The eatery is always nearly full with market staffs who hve craggy looking, wearing rubber boots.

So, I couldn’t go there by myself. I invited my acquaintance to Yajima.

Yajima seems to have most visitors in all eateries in Tsukiji Market.

This is the Oyster ramen (かきらーめん)  950 yen

You can’t see well, but there were about 5 oysters in the salted soup.

Oyster ramen, Yajima (Tsukiji Market)

You see 😀
Oyster ramen's oysters, Yajima (Tsukiji Market)

Those oysters were fried deeply and those oil were melted into the soup.
At first, I felt butter, but butter is not used in the soup. Well, it is by extract of oysters that is called “the sea milk”, I think.
Because of those reasons, the soup was so flavorful 🙂

I should have eaten earlier… I hadn’t expected that this rame is such a delicious food.

By the way, Asari clam ramen is served during another months on behalf of oysters ramen. I do want to eat the dish, too.

Yajima (やじ満)
Tsukiji Market Building No.8, 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 4:30 to 13:00
Holiday – Market’s holiday (Almost all Sunday, several Wednesdays, national holidays and so on)


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