Trip to Uzbekistan 2011 Summer – the 1st day

TRIP (inside JAPAN)
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I traveled to Uzbekistan from 19 August. 6 day trip.

19th . From Narita International Airport to Tashkent International Airport by Uzbekistan Airways (Stay at Uzbekistan Hotel)
20th . From Tashkent to Buxoro by domestic line, and go sightseeing.(Stay at Asia Buxoro Hotel)
21th . Moving to Shakhrisabz by car and go sightseeing, later moving to Samarkand (Stay at Asia Samarkand Hotel)
22th . Sightseeing in Samarkand (Stay at Asia Samarkand Hotel)
23th . Moving to Tashkent by limited express, and go sightseeing (Stay at Uzbekistan hotel)
24th . From Tashkent International Airport to Narita International Airport early in the morning. (Return to Japan)

A local guide who can speak Japanese took care of us for 6 days.

Leaving for Tashkent International Airport

Almost all the seats bound for Tashkent are booked.
I thought there are many people who go to Uzbekistan.

But, most of passengers were in group tour, their destinations were Great Britain, Russia, Italy, and so on.

Actually, there were only 15 people whose destination is Uzbekistan.

I couldn’t imagine Blue metropolitan with longing by the brownish town view from the window of the train.

After getting of the plane, I took a bus in our eyes.
But the bus took us to the transit lounge.
We took wrong bus. We said “Tashkent, Tashkent.””Exit!” 😛
What a scare!

After we passed customs, we closed to exit.
We looked around for searching a local guide,

There were tooooo many policemen. 

They were angry with saying

“Get out SOON!”


They said persistently,so we went out from the airport at last.

then, there were many taxi drivers who touting for business before our eyes.
We won’t find the local guide.Where is he?

I found there was a crowd of people at the place like a bus terminal at some distance.

First of all, we went to there.

They were there.It’s OK.

Getting into a car, and we went to our Uzbekistan Hotel

After arriving at hotel, it was about time to have dinner.We had dinner at
Restaurant of upper floor in the hotel.

Gnocchi with a lot of herbs.
Salads. Gnocchi with a lot of herbs

Pumpkin soup. It was tasteless.
Pumpkin soup

I don’t understand what was the dish. But I felt spicy and sour. It is very good!
I was glad to eat rice 🙂
Fried dish

Milk icecream with nuts
Milk icecream with nuts

View from the window of the restaurant.
It is Amur Timur Square.
View from the window of the restaurant

A hotel lobby (At our staying floor)
Hotel lobby

I felt there were dark atmosphere in the hotel just a little..

Where is the guests anybody else?

I wonder if there were only a few people walking on the roads.
I guess almost all people move by bus or car.
I guess there are not enough peace place to walk easily.
Although it seemed to be safety.


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