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[Uzbekistan] Walked around Hotel and Registan early in the morning


I woke up early in the morning, and walked in the hotel. It was very cool in the morning. Court yard of Asia Samarkand Hotel.


Big wooden chessboard.


It’s a restaurant in the daytime ?

Of course, there weren’t anyone around there yet. Then I got out of the hotel and walked toward Registan. A policeman stopped me on my way to Registan. He said “Go minaret ?” and pointed minaret far from the hotel. I turned down his offer and walked to Registan again.

They cleaned the road. I heard they live neighborhood and they clean the road independently.


Left is Tillakari Medrese

Right is Sherdor Medrese

There were national flags and stage for International music festival. I felt hungry, so I went back to the hotel and had breakfast.


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