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[Uzbekistan] Samanid Mausoleum, Bolohauz Mosque and Ark castle in Bukhara


We went to Bukhara from Tashkent by air early in the morning. I had a breakfast at 6 a.m. Hard bread was not good, but honey and blueberry jam was good, so I spread the bread with the honey and jam very thick 🙂

Tashkent domestic lines airport stands back from the international airport. It’s not large, but clean. They are more or less the same size. Our airplane is propeller planes. This airplane, very very terrible. The plane showed sign of takeoff again and again, but didnt take off each time.

We managed to takeoff after all. But, it went down slowly, and heeled over. Luckily or unluckily, I could see propellers from my seat very well. There were strange sounds from propellers,rattle-rattle, flap‐flap. It was close to stop.

After we arrived at Bukhara, pickup car was waiting for us. At first we went to Asia Bukhara Hotel and left our baggage in our room then went sightseeing.

SAMANID Mausoleum is the most oldest mausoleum of Islamic architecture in central Asia. This is made of baked bricks.

It is well ventilated .It’s cool.


Some horses were there.

Chashma Ayub Mausoleum. This is a structure that name means Job’s(Ayub’s) spring. There is a legend that Job beated the ground with a cane, then spring started to flowing. Spring water gush now, too. And you can drink (I didn’t drink just in case). There is a museum of water in the architecture now.

BoloHauz Mosque. It is the mosque only for Khan. There was a man praying in mosque in practice. “bolohauz” means “in front of hauz ponds”. There are no ponds on my photo, but there are ponds in front of mosque. This mosque have 20 pillars, and this pillars are mirrored in the pond. So this mosque is called “40 pillars mosque”.

Ark Castle. Khan’s residence castles where successive Khan instituted region of terror. There is a duplicate for prison at the time, it’s scary. The front is restored, but the back lies in ruins.
I knew later, we can see the back of castle with extra charge. I wanted to see that, too.

Filled with greenery.


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