(Moved) Tsukiji Market : Three places that you can leave your baggage (baggage room, lockers)

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Be free from your baggage while enjoying Tsukiji.

At first, I have to tell you. There’s no locker in Tsukiji subway station (Hibiya line)
Because Tsukiji station is small, so there’s no space to put lockers in.
Exit is in front of ticket gates.

There’re only two places that have locker below.

*Tsukijishijo subway station (Oedo line)
*Tourist information “Plat Tsukiji”

Tsukijishijo subway station

At first there’re lockers in front of the ticket gates (outside).
Those accept coins only. 15 Smalls (300 yen) and 3 larges (500 yen).


And there’re lockers at the bottom of gate A1 for Tsukiji Market, too.


Those are newer than lockers in front of the ticket gates and those accept cards like SUICA and PASMO.
9 Smalls (300 yen), 8 Mediums (400 yen) and 8 Larges (500 yen).

Though there’re more lockers than in front of the ticket gate, because of its location, many lockers are always occupied.


Tourist information “Plat Tsukiji”

“Plat Tsukiji” is tourist information along Namiyoke street.
It have lockers, too. There’re many lockers. Large, medium and small.
As soon as you entered into this entrance, you can find many lockers.


It is close to Exit A1 of tsukijishijo station.

Map, Plat Tsukiji (Tsukiji)

Though many large lockers in the station are occupied because there’re not many large lockers there. But there’re many large lockers in Plat Tsukiji, so, you might be able to find vacant large lockers.
There’re always many vacant lockers. Maybe it is because many people don’t know its existence. Those lockers are available from 5 a.m. to 4 p.m.


There’re baggage room in Tsukiji market

I recommend you find locker outside Tsukiji Market, but if you can’t find vacant one, enter Tsukiji market.
There’s a ticket broker in Building 6. They mainly sell postcards, telephone cards, revenue stamps and so on. But they are also baggage room.
Yes. You can find so long line of Sushidai close to the store :p


They keep our baggage from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. But you can’t leave large suitcase.

Baggage room in Buidling 6 in Tsukiji market

Shops in tsukiji market don’t have enough space to put large baggage in. so, if you have to leave your baggage outside the door.

It’s not secure even those baggage don’t have valuables.

The best way to enjoy Tsukiji market is, of course, leaving your baggage in your hotel.
Most hotels keep your baggage before check-in and after check-out time.
And you can enjoy Tsukiji to the full without any uneasiness.

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  1. Joshua says:

    Thanks for the useful article! Could I check with you one thing? I am going straight to the market from the airport, for the tuna auction early in the morning. Would the lockers you mentioned above (at Tsukijishijo station) be accessible 24 hours? Thanks!

    • Ryoko says:

      Hello, thanks for visits my blog 🙂
      Unfortunately every stations in Japan close shutter after last train of the day and lockers located within stations.
      (Tsukijishijo station might be close after 1 a.m., and open 5 a.m.)

      So, you can’t enter stations having lockers after that.

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