Taiyaki (Yotsuya-sanchome)

After eating Barachirashi, we dropped in at taiyaki shop.
Signboard of Taiyaki shop

Taiyaki Wakaba (たいやき わかば)

Taiyaki shop "Taiyaki Wakaba"

This shop was established in 1950 (53th in Showa period)

Long-established shop !
Interior of shop

Taiyaki (鯛焼き) 140 yen

One flavor only !

There are some tables and chairs for eating, and tea machine. we can drink tea freely. Of course, we had a still being hot taiyaki with tea.
Two pieces of taiyaki and green tea

Well, which do I start eating, head or tail ?

From head 🙂

Because many taiyaki have little anko in the part of the tail.To tell the truth, I like more its skin than anko in.
So I keep my delight until last.

Plenty of sweet anko in it from its head to tail !
It is filled with plenty of anko.

There is no part that have little anko ! :O

This taiyaki was the fattest taiyaki that I had ever seen.

“You are overweight ! :P”

Its skin tasted good with burnt smell. Corner of the skin was crispy.

The anko is sweet and a little salty. Recently many wagashi shop makes slightly sweet anko, but this shop’s anko is very sweet. It is a very taste of Showa. 🙂

This dish says…

” Plenty of anko filled from head to tail of the taiyaki make the world happy “

This plate says...

This is a poem that was written after the war by poet who lived Yotsuya.
It seemed that taiyaki that is filled with plenty of anko from head to tail was luxuries just after the war. So such a poem was written.

Well, most of people want taiyaki filled with plenty of anko even now 😛
Though I like taiyaki that have spaces moderately…

Of course, I hate hollow one.


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