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[Tokyo] one and only nikomi at Yamariki Honkan (山利喜 本館) in Morishita


Suddenly I felt like eating Yamariki’s nikomi, so I visited Yamariki Honkan (山利喜 本館) in Morishita just after the opening time after long absence. Speaking of Yamariki, they are so popular as their nikomi (simmered pork giblet). Their nikomi is said to be one of the most popular nikomi in Tokyo. They have started their business since 1925. Their current building was built after 2000. So, it’s not so old. But I felt they have historic atmosphere. I visited “Honkan” (head shop) this time, and they have another “Shinkan” (branch) nearby.

Appearance of Yamariki.

They are open from 5 p.m., and they accept reservation until 6 p.m. They are just in front of the gate of Morishita subway station.

The building have 6 floors. Yamariki is from B1F to 2F. If you visit there alone or someone, I recommend the counter seats on 1F. There are few seats though.

Counter seats on the 2F

Because… it’s the reason. We can see those boiling nikomi in the pot from the seats.

Counter seats in front of the pot is the best position 🙂

Menus. They accept one order of yakiton by two skewers. The chef worked at French foods restaurants, so he serve terrine and uncured ham salads and so on, too.

Foods menu

Drinks. So… they prepare some bottled wines. And another beer, Japanese sake, shochu and so on.

Drink menu.

Beer and otoshi (charge).

Kirin draft beer (キリン樽生) 605 yen

Whenever I visit Yamariki, this is MUST. Definitely, nikomi. It’s nikomi with egg. Simmered pork giblet and brown egg. And lots of shredded green onion. They heat the dish on an open fire just before serving. So, when it’s served, it’s boiling.

This is Yamariki’s specialty. Nikomi with egg (煮込み玉子入り) 715 yen

I ate nikomi at many restaurants in Tokyo and another place. But Yamariki’s nikomi is quite different from another nikomi. It’s similar to beef stew. It’s because they user Hatcho miso and red wine. It’s Japanese foods and also have European tastes. So, I sometimes feel like eating “Yamariki’s nikomi”. I agree that many guests enjoy it with red wine.


They have a variety of yakiton. Shiro (colon), Kashira (head), Gatsu (stomach), Teppou (rectum), Liver, Harami (skirt), Tan (tongue), Kobukuro (uterus), Hatsu (heart), Nankotsu (cartilage), Nankotsu tataki (meatballs with cartilage). I had two skewers of liver that time. But you can order different one. It was grilled well. Good.

Yakiton (やきとん) 330 yen per 2

Lemon chuhai (Lemon-hai, Lemon sour) is popular drinks at izakaya, but especially, Yamariki’s lemon chuhai is great. It have such a big cut of lemon. I know lemon sour having fresh lemon is rather expensive. But Yamariki serve it such an inexpensive price. It have refreshing tastes and good. And it have much shochu.

Lemon chuhai (レモン酎ハイ) 440 yen

It’s not one on the regular menu. It was on the Today’s Menu. Sea cucumber in vinegar. The sea cucumber was so fresh. I love the texture. It have refreshing tastes, so it’s good thing at intervals of nikomi and yakiton.

sea cucumber in vinegar (なまこ酢) 770 yen


Name Yamariki Honkan (山利喜本館)
Open Dinner
Reservation Available if you can visit there before 6 p.m.
Credit card Available (AMEX, JCB only)

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