Udon / うどん / 烏龍麵


Hongo-Sanchome : Kake-udon at Kokuwagata (こくわがた)

Stand-up-eating Sanuki udon shop After Misonikomin,we eat another popular udon shop near Hongo-sanchome station. ...

Hongo-Sanchome : Miso-nikomi udon at Misonikomin

Miso Nikomiudon that is a specialty of Nagoya can be eaten in Hongo area One day cold night, I took a dinner at udon ...
TRIP (inside JAPAN)

Trip to Nara 2012 Autumn, the 2nd night meal and the next morning’s breakfast.

I arrived at Nara station around 7p.m. I felt chill. I wanted to buy kakinohazushi for my night meal. "Kakinoha" mean pe...
KAGAWA (Takamatsu etc)

Tokushima and Kagawa 2011 (8) Takamatsu

I managed to eat Sanuki udon ! On my way to Takamatsu station in a limited express, I felt sick in the bad air. So, w...
KAGAWA (Takamatsu etc)

Tokushima and Kagawa 2011 : I’m going home tomorrow

I'm now in Splendid Shikoku time ! I'm now on travel at Tokushima,Kagawa. I'll go home tomorrow. Light summary. ...
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