Sushi / 寿司


[Tsukiji] Lunch at Sushitomi (すし富)

High-populated sushi restaurants in Tsukiji have always a long line. There's a sushi restaurant named Sushitomi (すし富) i...

[Marunouchi] Lunch at Mantensushi (まんてん鮨)

Because recently our delight sushi restaurants are hard to reserve, we are exploring another sushi restaurants. And one...

[Ginza] Tachigui-zushi Nemuro Hanamaru (立食い寿司 根室花まる)

Stand-up-eating Nemuro Hanamaru (根室花まる) is on the B2F of Tokyu Plaza Ginza and they offer valuable sushi that have fresh seafood directly from Hokkaido.

[Osaka] Sushi Ohata (寿し おおはた)

When we visited Osaka, we had dinner at Sushi Ohata (寿し おおはた) that is fancy Edomae-sushi style restaurant in Kita-Shinc...

[Suitengumae] Lunch at Takagaki no Sushi (高柿の鮨)

One of the popular sushi restaurant located in Roppongi who won the single star of Michellin recommended us to visit Ta...

[Daikanyama] Lunch course at Sushi Takeuchi (鮨たけうち)

I visited a sushi restaurant named Sushi Takeuchi in Daikanyama. Sushi Sato near this restaurant run this new restauran...

[Toyosu Market] Chef’s choice at Daiwasushi (大和寿司)

Speaking of sushi in Tsukiji former Market, Daiwasushi (大和寿司) was one of the most popular sushi shop as well as Sushida...

[Tsukiji] Valuable lunch at Motodane (本種)

I visited Motodane after long absence. I really felt that they are awesome lunch spot in Tsukiji area. Where? ...

Closed – [Narita airport] Sushi Den (寿司 田) before boarding

Whenever I fly to abroad, I feel like eating sushi before boarding. But I always don't enough time to eat in the airpor...

Lunch at Sushi Sho (すし匠) in Yotsuya Sanchome

Because I had nothing to do on last Wednesday's lunchtime, I went to Sushi Sho that is fancy sushi restaurant in Yotsuya...

Sushi Yu (鮨由う) in Roppongi

Sushi Yu is a Michellin-star awarded sushi restaurant and I had wanted to visit there. Only one year have passed since ...

Sushi Keita (鮨 桂太) in Tsukiji

New sushi restaurant is open in Tsukiji area in this September.The restaurant's name is Sushi Keita. It was still new. ...

(Moved) From Toyochan to Sushidokoro SEI (寿し処 勢)

New sushi shop is open. At first, I have to inform you that Toyochan (豊ちゃん) already quit their business as Japanese-We...

Nihonbashi-Kakigaracho Sugita (日本橋蛎殻町すぎた) in Suitengu-mae

Early spring course. I visited Nihonbashi-Kakigaracho Sugita after six months absence. Now it's so hard to res...

[Sapporo] Lunch at Sushi-ya no Saito (すし屋のさい藤)

When I decided to visit Sapporo for the first time, I wanted to have sushi somewhere. So, I searched for it on the inte...
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