Kaohsiung / 高雄


[Kaohsiung] Breakfast at Black Soy Milk King (高雄黑豆漿)

When I was in Kaohsiung during mytrip in Taiwan, I stayed in front of Kaohsiung Black Soymilk King (高雄黑豆漿). So, I had b...

[Kaohsiung] Mullet dumpling at Long Pao dumpling (龍袍湯包)

Speaking of shao long bao in Taiwan, everyone know "Din Tai Fung". But there's another great restaurant in Kaohsing. Th...

[Kaohsiung] Gao Xiong Po Po Shaved ice (高雄婆婆冰)

Because Kaohsiung is southern area of Taiwan, it is hot even in the daytime in Winter. So, whenever I find the word "冰"...

[Kaohsiung] Taiwanese breakfast at Xing Long Ju (興隆居)

Many hotels in Kaohsiung prepare buffet for guests. But it's differ from Taiwanese traditional breakfast. So, I always ...
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