[Kaohsiung] Mullet dumpling at Long Pao dumpling (龍袍湯包)

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Speaking of shao long bao in Taiwan, everyone know “Din Tai Fung”. But there’s another great restaurant in Kaohsing. The restaurant’s name is Long Pao dumpling (龍袍湯包).

龍袍湯包 means “Dumpling as same quality as dumpling that is served for emperor”. They are close to Hanshin department store.

Though yellow and big signboard outside was outstanding, but its inside is not large. They are tidy and nice.

The pleasant lady speak Japanese a bit. And also the menus have Japanese words ! There’s a paper cup and tea pot on each table. Foods are rather expensive. As you see, the soup dumplings have expensive ingredients ! And another they have many foods on the menus.

Of course, their standard steamed pork dumplings is popular, but top 2 of their foods is Steamed crab meat and pork dumplings and Steamed mullet roe and pork dumplings.

This is Steamed mullet roe and pork dumplings. You can find something yellow thing on the top of the dumpling ? Yes. It’s mullet roe.

Steamed mullet roe and pork dumplings (魚子湯包) 5pcs 250 TWD

Much mullet roe in it. Delicious. Because Kaohsiung is port town, they are proud of seafood. Mullet roe is one of their specialty.

Hot and sour soup had much ingredients. For example, bamboo shoot, carrot, mushrooms, tofu and so on. Nutritious. It had mild sourness and not too spicy. I felt full with the soup dumpling and soup. Also they have hot and sour soup noodles.

Hot and sour soup (酸辣湯) 90 TWD

Certainly, they are rather expensive compared with another restaurant in Kaohsiung. But I think it’s worth to visit and eat. Actually one of the purpose to visit Kaohsiung is to visit them for me.


Name Long pao dumpling (龍袍湯包)
Open Day through night
Reservation Available
Credit card Available
URL Facebook

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