Asakusa / 浅草


[Tokyo] Perican Cafe (ペリカンカフェ) in Asakusa

I know that bakery named Perican in Asakusa have tremendous popularity and it's very difficult to get their breads with...

[Asakusa] Hiyashi chuka at Bazoku (中国手打拉麺 馬賊) in Tokyo

Because I felt hungry and wanted to eat something cool thing after walking around Asakusa area under the blazin sun. So...

[Tokyo] 7 Matcha gelato at Suzukien Asakusa (壽々喜園 浅草本店)

After lunch somewhere in Asakusa, how about dessert ? Parfait, anmitsu, pancake, crepe and so on. There's a variety of ...

[Tokyo] Mizuguchi Shokudou (水口食堂) in Asakusa

I happened to visit Mizuguchi Shokudou (水口食堂) that is an old restaurant in Asakusa area with my friend. Speaking...

[Asakusa] Taiyo no tamago parfait at Fruits Parlor Goto (フルーツパーラーゴトー)

We visited Asakusa last weekend to have mango at Fruits Parlor GOTo (フルーツパーラーゴトー). They serve seasonal fresh fruits pa...

Temporarily closed – [Tokyo] Vietnamese cuisine bistro Authentic (オーセンティック) in Asakusa

A friend of mine asked me to havedinner with them at Vietnamese cuisine restaurant that いs named Authentic (オーセンティック) i...
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