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[Asakusa] Taiyo no tamago parfait at Fruits Parlor Goto (フルーツパーラーゴトー)


We visited Asakusa last weekend to have mango at Fruits Parlor GOTo (フルーツパーラーゴトー). They serve seasonal fresh fruits parfait. Also they serve pancake, fresh juice and so on at inexpensive price. This photo was taken when I visited there after work around 6 p.m. So there was no people waiting. But when I visited there last weekend, there were many people waiting around this shop.

There’s a waiting sheet in front of the door and we have to write our own name and the number of group when the seats are occupied.

“Today’s recommendations”

Mango can be eaten all year around in Japan because mango come from all over the world such as Mexico, Philippines, Thailand.

But of course, mango come from somewhere warm places in Japan, too. Taiyo no tamago (太陽のタマゴ) from Miyazaki prefecture is said to be the most expensive and sweetest mango in Japan. It is so expensive. I know it is now around 2000 yen at the lowest estimates. Taiyo no tamago means “eggs of sun”.

Fruits Parlor Goto serve this mango parfait at relatively inexpensive price (current price). So, we can have the parfait at 3000 yen that time. We were excited when those four parfait came on our table !

3000 yen is expensive ? Yes. But no. I think another shops require over 3500 yen. And it’s worth trying. So sweet. So flavorful.

Melting in my mouth…

Everyone ate it up in silent. We deeped in eating :p Mango was at the bottom of the container, too. The sorbet was made with “Taiyo no tamago” that time.

If you want to eat this parfait, you should go there soon. Price of Taiyo no Tamago is going to be higher in July and August, so Goto is scheduled to quit serving it after the price become too high. They say they are scheduled to keep serving it in June. But if the price unexpectedly shot up during June, they will give up serving it during the month.


Name Fruits Parlor GOTO (フルーツパーラーゴトー)
Open Day thorough evening
Reservation Unavailable
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  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    It looks truly amazing! Is it soft serve or whipped cream in the middle? I will visit Japan next month. Can’t wait!!

    • Ryoko says:

      I knew you are scheduled to visit Japan on Twitter. Next month ? That’s great 😉
      The white thing in the middle of the parfait is soft serve. It’s good for hot summer.

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