[Akihabara] Tonkatsu Marugo (とんかつ丸五)

Tonkatsu Marugo (とんかつ丸五) located in Akihabara area have always a long line in front of the shop. So, I always give up h...

[Akihabara] Tantanmen at Yunrinbo Akihabara branch (雲林坊 秋葉原店)

We visited Yunrinbo (雲林坊) in Akihabara. They are branch of Kanda Yunrin (雲林) that is a popular Sichuan foods restauran...

Akihabara : Sweet naan and salted curry at Aarti (アールティ)

Special dinner with whole chicken and anko. My friend asked me to join their dinner at Aarti. Of course, I joined them...

Akihabara : Indian foods party at Aarti (アールティ)

I know the tastes. But this was first visits. I had wanted to be in Aarti that is Indian foods restaurant in Akihaba...

Akihabara : Eating tour on one Thursday 1/3 (たん清)

Special beef tongue stew can be eaten some Wednesdays only. I took a day off for eating beef tongue stew at Tankiyo in...
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