Sushi Wa-dokoro Tukasa (鮨和処 つかさ) in Hakodate

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I reserved Tsukasa that is sushi restaurant for 1st dinner at Hakodate.
I telephoned them at the previous day and I could secure my seat.
My airplane got to Hakodate airport with 30 minutes delay. It’s good decision to reserve later hour. Tsukasa is close to Goryokaku. But I couldn’t go there because it’s late.


Tsukasa is close to Goryokaku koen-mae station of Hakodate city car. If you get to there earlier, you can enjoy Goryokaku before sushi.


There’re counter seats surrounding the kitchen and tables are at the back of counter seats. It’s good atmosphere. Two chefs were in the kitchen. There seemed many regular customers who live in Hakodate.
Not too rough. Not too stiff. I felt comfortable.


Menu of the day on the black board. Though there was “living squid” with cute picture, they didn’t have it in stock because of severe weather 🙁

Of course, you can order sushi what you like as many as you want from the menu and refrigerator, but they prepare valuable set. Because I my hand shaked when I took the photo of the menu, see below :p
From 上 to 特上 have salmon roe and sea urchin.

並 / Nami (7 sushi and sushi roll) 1600 yen
上 / Jyo (8 sushi and sushi roll) 2100 yen
特 / Toku (10 sushi) 2600 yen
特上 / Tokujo (10 sushi) 3100 yen
司 / Tsukasa (13 sushi and tamagoyaki) 4000 yen

Good friends of Japanese sake

Otoshi. Nanbanduke fish. I forgot the fish’s name because I don’t like nanbanduke. Nanbanduke is pickled fish. It’s sweet. I ordered draft beer (生ビール, 500 yen).

There’re many food names on the blackboard menu. So, I couldn’t select and I asked the chef’s recommendation. He recommended King crab’s inner eggs(タラバガニの内子).
I haven’t eaten it ever. Also I haven’t seen ever. This was the first time to meet it. It looks like squid ink !

I had no idea. It’s drinking thing ? Anyway, I put chopsticks into the ink. And then I held such a round thing with my chopsticks. It looks like boba ! Or large caviar !
It had sticky texture and was delicious. It tasted like big salmon roe.

Though it was still cold season, but there was already young sweetfish (稚鮎) on the menu. So, I ordered it with grilled.
I mistook ! I ordered only two fishes. I should have ordered about 10 fishes ! I think this was the first time to eat “grilled” sweet fish. Mostly I eat it as tempura. I think such a tiny fish is hard to grill. It was flavory and the bitterness of those

Tokishirazu (トキシラズ) as sashimi. One kind of salmon. I ordered it instead of living squid. It was thick and delicious. Such a Hokkaido local fish make me feel I’m in Hokkaido !

Because I ordered such a food suitable for Japanese sake, I ordered Japanese sake after all :p They prepare Japanese sake and shochu menu with photos. I selected a Japanese sake made in Hokkaido. Its name is Kunimare (国稀).

Tokujo set

After I enjoyed dishes, I had sushi.
I ordered Tokujo set (特上セット, 3100 yen) having 10 pieces of sushi because I wanted to add some sushi after eating set. After I ordered sushi set, such a silver plate was put in front of me and the chef started to make my sushi.
At first, lean meat of tuna (赤身 / Akami).

And then Surf clam. Surf clam (北寄貝 / Hokki-gai) is MUST seafood if you visit Hokkaido.

Torafugu (トラフグ) . A kind of blow fish. It’s chewy and went with this rice well.

Botan shrimp (ボタン海老). It had sticky texture. No.1 of that day for me 🙂

Herring roe (数の子 / Kazunoko).

Crab (蟹 / カニ).

Abalone (鮑 / Awabi).

Toro (トロ) part of tuna. Fatty part of tuna.

Last. Salmon roe (いくら / Ikura) and sea urchin (うに / Uni). Excellent. The laver wasn’t good though.

That’s all for Tokujo set.

Unexpectedly I felt full, so I decided to order more two pieces of sushi only.
Anyway I ordered giant clam (ミル貝 / Miru-gai).

Last was conger eel (穴子 / Anago). They highly recommended this.
At first it was grilled and then boiled in soy sauce-based sauce.. It was so soft and flavory. It wasn’t too sweet. It’s my tastes. So No.1 of that day for me as well as botan shrimp.

I’m always anxious when I visit sushi restaurant for the first time by my self, but I felt comfort and everything was delicious. I’ll visit there again when I visit Hakodate next time.

About Sushi Wa-dokoro Tukasa (鮨和処 つかさ)

Address / 19-10 Harikawacho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
Phone / 0138-32-0160

Open / 6 p.m. – 3 a.m.
Closed / Sundays (in case of holidays, it is open and the next day is closed)

Reservation / Available
Credit card / Available
Smoking / Available


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