Kinshicho : Coffee in Edo kiriko glass cup at Sumida coffee (すみだ珈琲)

Coffee in Kiriko, Sumida coffee (Kinshicho) Tokyo
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Coffee in the renovated old Japanese house.

We had break at Sumida Coffee after years absence.
Sumida coffee still have high reputation.
There were only two seats left. The door is sliding door.

Appearance, Sumida coffee (Kinshicho)


We were seated in front of the kitchen.

Coffee time, Sumida coffee (Kinshicho)

Sumida coffee serve coffee in a Edo Kiriko glass cup. They have various patterns of cups. Basically, Edo Kiriko glass is weak to heat. So, those cups are custom-made items. Coffee is around 400-500 yen.
I ordered “Sumida Blend” (すみだブレンド, 420 yen). Sumida coffee have three degrees of roast. Light, medium and dark. I chose light one. You can have second helping of coffee with half of the price and you can drink another coffee that you order first. 🙂

Coffee in Kiriko, Sumida coffee (Kinshicho)


They roast their coffee in the house and needless to say, their coffee is delicious. But their cakes are good, too. Cumquat tart (金柑のタルト, 380 yen).

Comquat tart, Sumida coffee (Kinshicho)


Cheesecake that I ate last time was good, too 🙂

About Sumida Coffee (すみだ珈琲)

Address / 4-7-11 Taihei, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kinshicho station (JR, Toei subway)
Open / 11:00 – 19:00
Closed / Wednesdays (In case of national holiday it is open and the next day is closed) , 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays
Website / Japanese only)



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