Ramen Saichi (佐市) in Kinshicho

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Oysters ramen all year around !

I heard Japanese soba noodles Tsuta in Sugamo wins Michelin single star for the first time as ramen shops.
And lots of people visit my blog in search for the information about Tsuta 🙂

Japanese soba noodles Tsuta (蔦) in Sugamo
Though it's simple looking ramen, surprisingly delicious ! Finally, I visited to Japanese soba noodles "Tsuta" that was my longing ramen shop. Some of my friends love this shop and I knew this shop...

So, today’s post is about ramen. (Not about Tsuta :P)

There’s an interesting ramen shops in Kinshicho area that is named Saichi.

Appearance, Saichi (Kinshicho)


The ramen that they are serving is quite another ramen from Tsuta’s simple, standard, but flavory ramen.

Their ramen have oysters !
Oysters ramen (牡蠣・拉麺, 900 yen)

Oysters ramen, Saichi (Kinshicho)


Two oysters were fried with butter. Plenty of oysters extracts are added into the soup, too.
If you have the soup into your mouth, the flavor of oysters spread out.
And the soup is very thick and creamy.

Oyster, Saichi (Kinshicho)


I added ajitama (boiled egg with soy sauce,  +100 yen) as usual 🙂

Ajitama, Saichi (Kinshicho)


Oysters rice (牡蠣飯, 450 yen). The sauce tasted as same as ramen soup’s 🙂
The soup went with the rice, too !

Oysters rice, Saichi (Kinshicho)


When we finished eating and got out of the shop, there were still many people waiting though it was near 3 p.m.
Of course, the ramen is delicious and popular. But I think there are many people who only want to eat oysters 😛

Light, Saichi (Kinshicho)


Speaking of oysters ramen, you can eat it at Tsukiji, too 🙂
But it is limited menus. Saichi serve oysters ramen all year around.

Oysters at Tsukiji 3/4
There's some eateries that I hadn't visited. One of the eatery was ... Yajima It is Chinese foods eatery like noodles, steamed meat dumplings, fried rice and so on. And Yajima serves oysters ram...

About Saichi (佐市)

Address / Ogawa building 1F, 4-6-9, Kinshi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kinshicho station (JR, Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:30 – 23:30
Fridays, Saturdays / 11:30 – 24:00
Sundays and another national holidays / 11:30 – 22:00
Closed / no scheduled


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