Rokkatei Goryokaku (六花亭 五稜郭店) in Hakodate


Because of such a severe cold weather, my body became like ice while viewing Goryokaku, so I wanted to have sweets and tea in a warm room and I walked toward Rokkatei inside the garden. Though I knew this existence, I was surprised at such a good location.
But I was truthfully disappointed !

There’s no door facing the garden !
There’s a door only along the road. And more, it’s difficult to find the door… 🙁

Promenade to the entrance along the building is hidden by trees.


As I said, they are neighborhood of Goryokaku garde, but you can’t go straight to enter the house from the garden.


This branch is large. Goryokaku garden could seen from out of the wide window. Beautiful.

About 2/3 of the house is occupied by the store that have various Rokkatei products. Only I knew some products. They have vacious products !
Many products can be bought from one piece.
There’s cakes in the refrigerator close to the window.

And the cafe area is along the road. Water is free to take.The intervals of the tables are wide, so I could enjoy coffee break slowly.

Though coffee was free until 2018, now it cost us 300 yen. Free refills.


There’s cake and another sweets confectionery mainly on the menu, but they also serve light meals. And also we can eat Yukikon Cheese (Expire date is only two hours !) at the cafe, too !

We can choose cake as we want in the refrigerator, too.

The butter in the pancake is not a simple butter. Marusei butter !

Cheese souffle and Milk tea

Though I wanted to eat Yukikon Cheese, too, I ordered Cheese Souffle (チーズスフレ, 220 yen).
Totally, cakes are inexpensive.
Milk tea (390 yen) was served in a pot. Cute tableware !

The cheese souffle is very simple. Soft and light cheese souffle had refreshing tastes.
I ate it up soon. The tea is… simple tea bag :p

I did shopping, saw white Goryokaku garden and had tea time. I was satisfied.
There are many branches of Rokkatei having cafe in Hokkaido.
I’ll use their branches when I visit Hokkaido somewhere.

About Rokkatei Goryokaku branch (六花亭 五稜郭店)

Address / 27-6 Goryokaku-cho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
Phone / 0120-12-6666

Open / Cafe 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Shopping 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Close / No scheduled

Reservation / Unavailable
Credit card / Available
Smoking / Not permitted


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