Ramen Jiyoken (滋養軒) in Hakodate

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I wanted to eat Hakodate-style ramen if I have opportunity to visit Hakodate.
So, of course, I visited ramen shop for Hakodate-style ramen this time.
I visited Ramen Jiyoken. I got off at Matsukazecho station (Hakodate 市電) and then went toward Jiyoken.
After about five minutes walk, I found there’re about 10 people in front of the shop. I was surprised at the popularity of Hakodate-style ramen because I didn’t find any lines and I could eat meal without waiting at any restaurants this time in Hakod
ate.About 1/3 people there seems to be from foreign countries.

And as soon as I followed the line, the shop keeper went out and removed the shop curtain. He said to us that noodles would be out of stock after they serve us. Ah, I was lucky. But it was still before 12:30 p.m.

There are three tables having four seats each, four counter seats only.
They are only two person working. And local families visit. So, It took more time than expected. I waited for more one hour.


Google Map said I should walk from Matsukazecho station, but now, I think it’s closer from Hakodate station. Google sometimes deceive me 🙁


Menus. THey don’t have English menu. They are popular as their ramen because it’s delicious. But another reason of their popularity is this price. Inexpensive. Ramen cost us only 500 yen.


Hakodate-style shio ramen

I couldn’t decide one ramen. Both Shoyu ramen and shio ramen looks delicious. But I ordered shio ramen all the same. Hakodate-style shio ramen (函館塩ラーメン, 500 yen).Two slices of roast pork, bamboo shoot (menma), green onion in clear soup.

soup stock having extracts of konbu seaweed, vegetables and chicken. It’s mild.
This straight and narrow noodles were awesome. It’s homemade.


Truthfully speaking, I like this gyoza(焼きギョーザ, 350 yen) better than ramen. 🙂 Each gyoza was small enough to eat with one bite.Its skin was thin and fillings have garlic. This skin is homemade, too !

They have started their business since 1974 there and they are one symbol shop of Hakodate-style ramen !
Of course, their ramen was awesome. But I think their ramen is not suitable for visitors from anywhere waiting such a long time.It should be a place for local people enjoying meal time with their family slowly.

About Jiyoken (滋養軒)

Address / 7-12 Matsukazecho, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
Phone / 0138-22-2433

Open / 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m., 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Closed / Tuesdays, Wednesdays

Reservation / Unavailable
Smoking / Not permitted
Credit card / Unavailable


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