Ohinasama :D (Shiodome)

I went to Saryo Tsujiri (茶寮都路里) at Caretta Shiodome for a long time absence.
It happens that today is 3rd March.
And I happened to find this name of parfait.
Of course I ordered it :D.

It is the image of Ohinasama by Tsujiri.

The thing of pink color is frozen berries .

Roasted green tea jelly is good.
The tea that they serves have roasted flavor.It is good too.

But chocolate sponge cake is too sweet for me. I don’t l ike it.

Eating it with vanilla ice cream . I felt it is not too sweet.
I managed to eat it all.

I’m disappointing that the shiratama was frozen a bit. 🙁
Agar corners under the maccha ice cream was like a sharbet.
I think it wasn’t such a condition before.

Because now is winter ? (No, no no… 🙁 )

Still, why spork ?
I can’t spoon up all 🙁


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