Namba : Breakfast at Menya Joroku (麺屋 丈六)

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Special morning just once in each months.

Menya Joroku that is so popular ramen shop in Namba is open in the morning of the 1st Sun of each month only in special and fortunately I happened to be in Osaka that day.
I intended to have udon at Tenmasa that day. I wanted to eat Tenmasa’s udon. But I thought this is not a time to eat udon ! It’s my fate !

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So, I got to Joroku around 9 a.m. and I found there were many people in line.
It was morning of Sunday. There were few people in the street except in front of the shop ! Just in front of Joroku !

Appearance, Menya Joroku (Namba)

Though there were many people waiting, I could enter the shop in 20 minutes.This is the special morning menu.
They only serve Higashi-Osaka Takaido-style ramen only in the morning.

Breakfast menu, Menya Joroku (Namba)

I ordered Chinese noodles (中華そば, 650 yen). I remember its looking !
You might think the soup is so strong ? No. Contrary to its looking, it had right taste and it was sour a bit. I love this soup 🙂

Chuka soba, Menya Joroku (Namba)

Though it was morning, I could eat it up ! Morning (delicious) ramen is great !

Noodles, Menya Joroku (Namba)

If you are in Osaka at the 1st Sunday of month, you are lucky and I recommend you have breakfast at Joroku 🙂
Or you aren’t in Osaka at the 1st Sunday of month, you can enjoy Joroku’s ramen at lunch time or dinner time !
If you need any information about their normal schedule, pls visit my former post 🙂

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About Morning Men-ya Joroku (麺屋 丈六)

Address / 6-16 Nanba-Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Station / Nipponbashi station (Osaka subway)
Open / 1st Sun of every month, from 7:00 – 10:00 (10:00 – is closed)
Website / Japanese only)


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