Kusatsu & Kawarayu 2011 : Okina no yu

Appearance, Okina no yu (Kusatsu onsen)(Kusatsu & Kawarayu 2011) GUNMA (Kusatsu, Kawarayu)
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Kusatsu onse town have lots of small onsen facilities that can be used at free of charge.
This is one of the facility.

Okina no yu

Appearance, Okina no yu (Kusatsu onsen)(Kusatsu & Kawarayu 2011)


It have clear water color. The water was not too hot.

Bathtub, Okina no yu (Kusatsu onsen)(Kusatsu & Kawarayu 2011)


This stands along the street on the way from Yubatake to Sai no Kawara Roten-buro.
No people came in while I was enjoying the onsen.
No adding water, no adding heats. Its pure onsen water !
Though it was hot, I could put my body into the bathwater. I was very happy to take pure onsen water bath !

There’s no faucets for washing our body and no locker that have keys

Chiyo no yu was extremely hot and I couldn’t take the bath without adding cold water. The reason was because someone used this facility last left the onsen water vigorously running.
No staffs were there at all time. So, the temperature of the water depends on the use who use it last

Ahhh, worthless…

About Okina no yu (翁の湯)

Onsen resource / Acid – sodium, sulfate, chloride springs
Bathtub / Indoor bath
Sauna / no
Closest bus stop / Kusatsu onsen bus terminal
Fee / Free of charge
Open / 24 hours (except cleaning time)
Dryer / no



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