Kusatsu Onsen

GUNMA (Kusatsu, Kawarayu)

Kusatsu & Kawarayu 2011 : Yugama (Spring pot)

Now we can't go near the Yugama, but it is still worth to visit ! It took 30 minutes by bus from Kusatsu onsen bus term...
GUNMA (Kusatsu, Kawarayu)

[Kusatsu] Shirane shrine (草津白根神社)

When I went to Kusatsu onsen, I happened to meet this shrine named Shirne shrine (白根神社). It's not a large shrine but th...
GUNMA (Kusatsu, Kawarayu)

[Kusatsu] Free onsen – Okina no yu (翁の湯)

Kusatsu onsen town have lots of small onsen facilities that can be used at free of charge.Okina no yu (翁の湯) is one of t...
GUNMA (Kusatsu, Kawarayu)

[Kusatsu] Soba, Yubatake, and onsen soft serve

I got to Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal, and I had soba as lunch at old restaurant in the Bus Terminal because I was hungry...
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