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Tenugui : Tenuguis I bought at Kusatsu

Tenuguis skelton pattern closer (Kusatsu & Kawarayu2011) GUNMA (Kusatsu, Kawarayu)

Cute tenuguis that I got at the souvenir shop in Kusatsu

A shop sold 4 tenuguis for 1000 yen at Kuesatsu.

I began looking for something nice with excitement because I like collecting tenuguis very much.
I selected four tenuguis.

No.1.Rabbit (Made of gauze.Every side is sewed)
I’ll use it as handkerchief :).

Tenuguis rabbit pattern (Kusatsu & Kawarayu2011)


Tenuguis rabbit pattern closer (Kusatsu & Kawarayu2011)


Tenuguis Skelton pattern(Kusatsu & Kawarayu2011)

Tenuguis skelton pattern closer (Kusatsu & Kawarayu2011)

No.3.Dragon (denimlike.Every side is sewed, too)

Tenuguis Dragon pattern(Kusatsu & Kawarayu2011)


Tenuguis dragon pattern closer (Kusatsu & Kawarayu2011)


No.4.Shisa (Okinawa Lion Statue :))
It is denimlike tenugui, too. But my mother took it from me 😛


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