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[Gunma] Matsunoyu Onsen Syokeikan in Kawarayu Onsen rea


Notice : Kawarayu Onsen town (including Kawarayu onsen station) has been moved to higher ground because of construction of the Yanba dam. And Sasayu quit their business.

has been moved to a distant place because of dam I walked to Syokeikan from Kawarayu onsen with fine view of Agatsuma valley. It took one hour.



They tried to keep bathwater in the bathtub hot. But I was too late for scheduled check-in time, so the bathwater got lukewarm 🙁

There’s a word “Kakenagashi” that mean putting pure onsen water into bathtub without reuse.
They have pure onsen water and continue pouring the water into the bathtub. So, the bathtub always have fresh pure onsen water.


I was only the guest at that night after all. Pure onsen water was completely mine that day 🙂
This accommodation is very popular among onsen lovers bacause of the hight quality of onsen water. So, they always had much guests.
But now, because of huge earthquake in March, many people don’t go out far away.

After I had onsen bath lightly, they served dinner. They served my dinner at another room. They don’t have restaurant or hall. It is very small
accommodation. And they don’t have much staffs.
So, they don’t accept much guests. Everytime they let some rooms vacant. They use the vacant rooms as eating place for guests.
While guests eating in another room, the staff make our bed 🙂


The next day, I took a bath just after waking up 🙂
It was very lukewarm, but I didn’t feel chill. there’re two bathtubs. One have lukewarm water and another have … rather cold water (about 30 celcius ?)
But somehow I didn’t feel chill while in the bathtubs. Certainly, when I left the bathtubs, I felt chill a bit 😛

This was my breakfast. Woow ! Japanese butterfish (Ebo-dai)!


I took the bath again before check-out time.
I wanted to enjoy the bath more.

When I left the accommodation, the rain got harder.
I wanted to go down Agatsuma Valley, but I viewed it a bit and went back to Kawarayu Onsen to visit Sasayu.


It didn’t seemed to stop raining for a while, so I decided to kill time in Sasayu until my highway bus coming.
I was there for more two hours at Sasayu, no one came women’s bath room.
(Men’s bath room seemed to have about three people)

After that I bought Onsen Manjyu at the souvenir shop near the gate of Kawarayu Onsen and I killed time there, too.
(A kind elder lady led me to her break space.)

I managed to enjoy my trip until the bath came though heavy rainfalls.
Kawarayu onsen station is very calm station. Only 20 people use this station. I was one of the person that used this station the previous day 😛



Name Matsunoyu onsen Syokeikan (松の湯温泉 松渓館)
Single room 7500 yen (dinner and breakfast included)
Reservation Rakuten Travel only

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