Hiyoko – Farewell breakfast(Tsukiji)

Shop name, Kissa Hiyoko (tsukiji) CITY GUIDE
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We went to old kissaten in Tsukiji that is ending their business the end of this month.

Kissa Hiyoko

I had just coke float the other day but I wanted to eat sandwich, too.
Appearance, Kissa Hiyoko (Tsukiji)

Hiyoko is in a new building.
Shop name, Kissa Hiyoko (tsukiji)

*Banana juice (バナナジュース, 200 yen)
Banana juice, Kissa Hiyoko (Tsukiji)

Interior, Kissa Hiyoko (Tsukiji)

*Ham sandwich (ハムサンド, 270 yen) and Hot dog (ホットドッグ, 130 yen)
On the table, Kissa Hiyoko (Tsukiji)
It was 600 yen in sum on this table 🙂 Inexpensive !
This ham sandwich was baked lightly and tasty.

Tamago (Fried eggs) sandwich (たまごサンド, 200 yen)
Tamago sandwich, Kissa Hiyoko (Tsukiji)
I had wanted to eat this sandwich so much. Lightly salted fried eggs were tasty.
I should have eaten earlier ! But I couldn’t overcome temptation of Tsukiji Market !
Once I get to the Tsukiji Market Station, My foot carry me to Tsukiji Market directly.

Well, every foods and drinks are inexpensive ! Not only its price, also those taste are good !

We said good-bye to the kissaten and left the shop.
Appearance ,Kissa Hiyoko (Tsukiji)

After that we went to another cafe and took a rest for a while and then I went to my office (:|)
Cafe lait, Yonemoto Coffee Outer market branch (Tsukiji)

Kissa HIYOKO (喫茶ひよ子)
2-10-2 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 6:30 to 18:30, Saturdays from 6:30 to 17:00
Holiday – Sundays and national holidays


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