Hearty meal course 1/2 (Yushima)

Permission dressed with tofu, Kazumiya (Yushima) CITY GUIDE
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My friend invited me to a popular Japanese restaurant in Yushima 🙂

Appearance, Kazumiya (Yushima)
From its appearance, the restaurant looks like high-class Japanese-restaurant.
But they serve inexpensive course from 4000 yen.
And we must take a reservation in advance. When I got to the restaurant, I found the paper “Full with reservation today” in front of the restaurant that day, too.
So popular restaurant.

Opening the door and the waitress welcomed me.  I took off my shoes and entered the restaurant. Every tables are on tatami room.

I ordered *green tea sour(緑茶サワー).
Green tea sour, Kazumiya (Yushima)

The restaurant prepare three kinds of course, 4000 yen, 6000 yen and 8000 yen. We ordered 6000 yen course.

Why so popular this restaurant is because its hearty meals !!!
Each dishes were small, but our course had no less than 13 dishes! Wow !

At first sesami tofu (胡麻豆腐) came.
Sesami tofu, Kazumiya (Yushima)
Though we could eat it in one bite, but I ate it in 4 bites with grace 😛
Its texture was like pudding.

*Permission and vegetables dressed with tofu (柿の白和え)
Cute 😀
Permission dressed with tofu, Kazumiya (Yushima)
The tofu never disturbed those taste. The permission was sweet and tasty. Also those fresh ikura !

*Assorted sashimi (刺身盛り合わせ)
Assorted sashimi, Kazumiya (Yushima)
Loligo edulis(it is called white squid in Japanese), mackerel, fat greenling, bonito and yellowtail amberjack.

Of course those were good. But ,,, we always eat delicious fishes too much.
Most people will impressed by the assorted sashimi, but we who are crazy with fishes weren’t impressed so much.

And then chawanmushi(茶わん蒸し) came.
From its looking, it looked like ordinary chawanmushi, but !
Chawanmushi with crab innards, Kazumiya (Yushima)
It had crab innards in it. Much crab innards ! Awesome !
Crab innards, Kazumiya (Yushima)

*Grilled salted ayu with roe (子持ちアユの塩焼き)
Grilled salted ayu with roe, Kazumiya (Yushima)
Because it was mature ayu,so it had large bone. But everybody except me ate up those backbone !
I did my best and I ate up small bones(I always left small bones). But I couldn’t eat backbone all the same.

And soup with a sake lees base (粕汁, Kasujiru)
Soup with a sake lees base, Kazumiya (Yushima)
Bigger slices of yellowtail were in the soup !
My friend who don’t like kasujiru ate it up. She said it is tasty.

Before coming next dish, one of my friend gave us such a nice present.
Atari maeda no cracker
Atarimaeda no cracker
“Atari maeda no cracker” is a brand of, well, crackers, which is itself a pun on the phrase “atari maeda” (前田, a name vs. 前だ, how the phrase is spelled) which is just like “obviously!”

And this was the first time to see it for real. I hadn’t seen it only on TV and internet.
Ah, it exists 🙂

Well, that’s for today.
I’ll post its sequel tomorrow !

かず味家 (Kazumiya)
Imasu sany building 1st floor, 1-11-9 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 17:00 to 23:00
Holiday – Sundays and third Saturday


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