(Moved) Tsukiji Market : Spanish mackerel Saikyo-yaki set at Kato Shokudou (かとう食堂)

Spanish mackerel Saikyo-yaki set and two species of sashimi set, Kato Shokudou (Tsukiji) Tokyo
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Kato is reopen by another management office.

Last week I visited “Kato Shokudou” that is open from Feb. 16th.
“Kato Shokudou” is located where “Washoku Kato” that quit their business at the end of 2016.
Now it is managed by “Kaisendon O-edo (海鮮丼 大江戸)”

“Kato Shokudou”
Nothing has been changed about its looking. The shop curtain and the signboard.

Appearance, Kato Shokudou (Tsukiji Market)

The menu has been changed a bit. But Kato’s specialty is on the menu as former. Sashimi, boiled fish, grilled fish and sashimi bowl !

Photo menu, Kato Shokudou (Tsukiji Market)

Prices are higher than former.

Another, there’s special menu of the day. (maybe rice and miso soup excluded)

Menu of the day outside, Kato Shokudou (Tsukiji Market)

There’s a menu on each vacant seats.

menu on the table, Kato Shokudou (Tsukiji Market)

Plates hanging on the wall were removed.

Former Menu board, Kato Shokudou (Tsukiji Market)

Instead of that, there’re paper manus on the wall,

Paper menu, Kato Shokudou (Tsukiji)

Of course, there’s menu of the day in the shop, too.

Whiteboard, Kato Shokudou (Tsukiji Market)

I ordered Spanish mackerel Saikyo-yaki set and assorted sashimi having two species of seafood (鰆の西京焼き定食、刺身2点盛りつき, 1800 yen).
Because this was the first time to visit there, I chose inexpensive one.
(I don’t like “Kaisendon O-edo”, so I needed courage :p)

At first, two dishes were served. Pickled vegetables and simmered burdock and carrots in soy sauce.

Two dishes, Kato Shokudou (Tsukiji Market)

And then sashimi was served. The menu says it have two species of seafood, but as you see, it had three species ! Squid, scallop and yellowtail !
I didn’t know its reason. Because just after they are open ? or it was in the early morning of weekday ? or just leftover ? Anyway, I was happy 🙂

sashimi- yellowtail squid, scallop, Kato Shokudou (Tsukiji Market)

Everything was fresh and tasty.

And last, Spanich mackerel saikyo-yaki (Grilled marinated Spanish mackerel in saikyo-miso) was served. My breakfast was prepared.

Spanish mackerel Saikyo-yaki set and two species of sashimi set, Kato Shokudou (Tsukiji)

Large slice of Spanish mackerel ! Good 🙂

Spanish mackerel Spanish mackerel, Kato Shokudou (Tsukiji)

I was satisfied with their foods as same as before. But some said who love Washoku Kato’s tastes that their foods quite differ from before.

About Kato Shokudou (かとう食堂)

Address / Tsukiji Market Bldg No.6, 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukijisijo station (Toei subway)
Open / 7:00 – 13:30
Closed / Market’s holidays



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