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How to get Osaka Metro 1day Pass (Enjoy Eco Card)

Enjoy eco card OSAKA

When I was in Osaka for trip, Enjoy Eco Card was really inexpensive and useful.
Enjoy Eco Card is sold by Osaka Metro.

About Enjoy Eco Card

We can use Osaka metro and Osaka city bus freely with it within a day. It cost us 800 yen on weekdays. (Child 300 yen)

Enjoy eco card

And on weekends and another national holidays, it cost us only 600 yen ! (Child 300 yen)

Enjoy eco card cost us only 600 yen on weekends

Fare in Japan is expensive.
The base fare of Osaka Metro is 180 yen. So if you use municipal subway at four times or more on weekends or holidays, you’d better use this ticket.

You can buy the ticket at the ticket vending machine at each subway stations. Also you can get it in a bus, but sometimes they are not in stock.

For more information, Osaka Metro explain about Enjoy Eco Card on their official website.

How to get enjoy eco card at station

You can get Enjoy eco card at all ticket vending machine. But there are several types of ticket vending machines. New ticket vending machines are easy to operate. Now, I show you how to operate at old machine.

1.Press “ENGLISH” button.

How to buy an enjoy edo card

2.Touch “Card” on the screen.

How to buy enjoy eco card2

3.Touch “One-Day Pass” or “One-Day Pass Weekends & Holiday”.
If you want to use it on weekdays, press “One-Day Pass” and another, press “One-Day Pass Weekends & Holidays”.

How to buy enjoy eco card3

No expiry date

You can buy this card in advance. There’s no expiry date. But once you go through the ticket barrier with the card, available date is punched in.

Enjoy eco card

Available range

Enjoy eco card is available within Osaka metro only.
If you want to go to further station, you need to adjust the fare when you get out of the station. There’re adjustment machines (精算機) at each stations, so you have only to insert your Enjoy Eco Card and pay the balance.

Osaka municipal subway system

From Namba to The Expo Commemoration Park

If you want to go to The Expo Commemoration Park (Banpaku Kinen Koen) from Namba by Midosuji line, You need to get off at Senri-Chuo station, but Enjoy eco card is available until Esaka station. So, you need to pay between Esaka and Senri-Chuo (150 yen) because between Esaka and Senri-chuo by Kita-Osaka Kyuko railway.


  1. orchidus says:

    Thanks, Ryoko, for the information! I plan on visiting Osaka during the last week of September to early October, so this one-day pass is very useful.

    • Ryoko says:

      I’m glad to hear that. I could enjoy my trip thanks to this card without worry about transportation expenses
      Please enjoy your trip with this card 😉

  2. Alexa says:

    I have a plan to visit Universal Walk and Tsurumi-kyoruchi park
    Can I use this Enjoy Eco Card? Thanks

    • Ryoko says:

      I’m afraid you can’t use Enjoy Eco Card for Universal Walk.
      But Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park is available 🙂

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