Kiyosumi-Shirakawa : August 2015 dinner course at il tram

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Delicious Italian dinner at lower price

My friend asked me to have dinner at an Italian foods restaurant with her which is her favorite restaurant at the end of August.
She’s regular customer of there and I often see her gorgeous dinner at her blog.
The restaurant’s name is il tram.

She appeared in casual outfits because she lives near there. And four tough men gathered for dinner 🙂

We toasted with white wine, sparkling wine and orange juice. My drink was sparkling wine from Italy (900 yen).

We took 4200 course 🙂
il tram serve only one course at weekends because only one chef does everything.
So, he can serve great dinner course at lower price. 4200 yen is very inexpensive compared with another restaurants in Tokyo.
Ah, it is very similar to Yamagishi Shokudou…. I want him not overdo…

Tomato, plum and daikon radish cold soup

The sourness and sweetness of tomato was great. we put some sorbet at the side into the soup and had.

Jidori fatty liver with Mostarda seasoned with black pepper
(地鶏白レバーのペースト 黒胡椒風味のモスタルダを添えて)

Raw salmon from Iceland with califlower and radish
(アイスランド産 サーモンの冷製 カリフラワーとラディッシュ)

So, thick salmon was, needless to say, fresh and tasty. Ah, you can’t find from this photo… But there was cauliflower paste in front of me. And yellow powder is dried mullet roe.

Barracuda from Kanagawa rotoro with dried tomato and rucola puree
(神奈川産 カマスのロートロ ドライトマト ルッコラのピュレ)

It had difficult name for me… So, I called it “barracuda roll” in silent 🙂

Roasted chicory with gorgonzora picante
(チコリの1時間ロースト ゴルゴンゾーラ・ピカンテ)

This was the first time to eat chicory. The chicory was so great ! It was seasoned garlic and so on, and roasted slowly for an hour. This chicory went the gorgonzora picante and almonds very well.

Paccheri with sea urchin and green laver
(生ウニと青海苔のクリームソース パッケリ)

I didn’t know this speghetti. “Paccheri”. I learned 🙂
Wide,cylindrical short pasta coated with thick sauce.

Roasted duck’s brisket with dried grape, cassis and wild herb
(フランス産 鴨胸肉のロースト 干し葡萄とカシス ワイルドハーブ)

The duck was from France. Look at this juicy meat !

Dessert is needed extra charge (+500 yen)
I ordered it. Lemon sorbet (レモンのシャーベット).

I’m really satisfied with his hearty meal 🙂

About il tram (イルトラム)

Address / 4-9-5 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kiyosumi-Shirakawa station (Toei subway, Tokyo metro)
Open / 18:30 – 23:00
Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays / 12:00 – 14:30, 18:30 – 23:00
Closed / Mondays (in case of national holidays, it is open and the next day is closed
Website / Japanese only)


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