Ningyocho : Awesome motsuyaki shop named Hyottoko (やきとん ひょっとこ)

Heart side of assorted sashimi, Hyottoko (Ningyocho) Tokyo
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We want to eat fresh meat as raw

You know eating beef meats as raw was prohibited by law quite a long time ago, don’t you ?
But pork and chicken’s meat was still eatable now.At present……

B U T !

Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare now discuss about the eating pork and chicken as raw and they’ll be going to restrict eating pork and chicken as raw, too. HUH !!!

We’ll be unable to eat raw pork and chicken in the near future 🙁
So if you want to eat pork and chicken as raw in Japan, you should come sooner.

So, we went to eat pork meat as raw !!!

Appearance, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)


My drink was pickled plum of Kisyu Nanko sour (紀州南高梅割りサワー).
Whole one big pickled plum was bottom of the glass. This plum was sooooo tasty !!!!!
I couldn’t bear and I put the plum out of the glass and started to eat 😛

Oolong tea and Pickled prum of Kisyu Nanko sour, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)


Otoshi was cabbage and cucumber as raw. We ate them with the sweet miso.
This miso went the cucumber well.

Raw cabbage and cucumber, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)


Gut stew (もつ煮込み)

Gut stew, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)


A N D !!!!
Assorted sashimi of three parts of pork giblets (モツ刺し三点盛り)
Heart ! It was chewy and tasty !!!

Heart side of assorted sashimi, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)


Uterus !!  I had never met such a appearance of uterus !!!
Uterus is very chewy, so most of restaurants cut smaller than it.

Uterus side of assorted sashimi, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)


And liver !!! I wanted to meet you !!!

Liver side of assorted sashimi, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)


Well, fresh raw meat is really tasty.

Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare is cruel that they’ll prohibit to eat such a wonderful food. They’ll take serious mistake 🙁
Nevertheless so many restaurants deal fresh meat as right way and dishonest restaurants are only a few, that’s bothersome for the minister to set restriction in detail for such dishonest restaurants and they’re going to prohibit everything about eating meat as raw.

And spit-roasting. From in front of this side to left. Shiitake mushroom, liver, diaphragm, tongue and heart (椎茸、レバー、ハラミ、タン、ハツ). 140 yen each. Those were inexpensive and so tasty !!!
The liver and diaphragm was rare.

Kushiyaki, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)


And more we wanted to eat tongue sashimi (タン刺し) and ordered it.

Tongue's sashimi, Hyottoko (Ningyocho)


Though I don’t know until when we can eat meat as raw, I want to visit there again soon. No, I’ll do soon:P

About Yakiton Hyottoko (やきとん ひょっとこ)

Address / 3-4-8 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Ningyocho station (Toei subway, Tokyo metro)
Open / 17:00 – 23:00
Closed / Sundays and another national holidays (Every Saturdays of this July and August are closed)



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