Honolulu 2014 (3/7) : Diamond head

View from the top 2, Diamond head, Honolulu 2014 HAWAII
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I’ll never forget the view from Diamond head

The second day’s morning, I ate last night’s leftover steak and dessert and then went toward Diamond head !!!

I really wanted to see sunrise, but I heard that the sun rises before the opening time of the gate in this season, so I gave up seeing sunrise.

On the way to the Diamond head bus stop, we could see such a picturesque scenery.

View from the road2, Diamond head, Honolulu 2014


View from the road1, Diamond head, Honolulu 2014


As you see, there were much clouds though it was sunny. At every evening, it began to rain during my stay.

Lighthouse’s red and blue was good 😀

Lighthouse and sea, Diamond head, Honolulu 2014


After got out of the bus, paid $2 and then went up !!!

Entrance, Diamond head, Honolulu 2014


The road to the top of Diamond head was constructed for military in 1908.
So, it is more military base than mountain trail.
Sharp stairs, dark tunnel, spiral stairway,,,,, I felt I’m explorer 🙂

Narro and sharp stairs. There is a detour, but I decided going up the stairs, and then, going down the detour. Let’s go !

Sharp and narrow stairs, Diamond head, Honolulu 2014


Tunnel. There were no lights, so I went through with my lightness of smartphone.

Tunnel, Diamond head, Honolulu 2014


Fine view througha crack !
I heard that used to be fire control station.

Blue can be seen through a crack, Diamond head, Honolulu 2014


Finally I climbed the top of Diamond head.

Uh, lots of people still going up one after the other.

View from the top 1, Diamond head, Honolulu 2014

山頂。よく登ったな~ヽ(´ー`)ノ ってまだまだいっぱい登ってきます。

Gray buildings, blue sea….. Awesome !!!

View from the top 2, Diamond head, Honolulu 2014


View from the top 3, Diamond head, Honolulu 2014

About Diamond head

Open / 6:00 – 18:00
Website / http://dlnr.hawaii.gov/dsp/parks/oahu/diamond-head-state-monument/(in English)

Diamond head


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