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[Honolulu] Night meal at AAA LOCAL B-B-Q in Don Quijote


I went to Don Quijote to buy something for my mother and friends. As soon as I got to Don Quijote, I found there’s good smells of meat grilled. So, suddenly I felt hungry. The smells were from AAA LOCAL B-B-Q. They stands inside the grounds of Don Quijote.

They have a variety of foods. Hamburger, steak, and so on.

I bought Grilled Chicken at it outside. It seems pork, but it is chicken. It was chewy and it differed from chickens that I had eaten in Japan. But it was good. Macaroni salad was good. I wanted to eat more. But I didn’t like this rice. I left much of rice.


Name AAA Local B-B-Q
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available

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