[Honolulu] Ewa Hotel Waikiki within walking distance to Waikiki beach !

I stayed for six nights at Ewa Hotel Waikiki during my trip in Oafu Island. This hotel is very good for money saving tr...

[Haleiwa] Huli Huli chicken at Ray’s Kiawe Broiled Chicken

I stayed Honolulu only for one week, but I decided to go to Haleiwa on Saturday or Sunday because this famous huli-huli...

[Honolulu] Garlic ahi steak at Pioneer Saloon

I visited for brunch to Pioneer Saloon along Monsarrat avenue when I awoke up late during my staying in Hawaii. When I ...

Honolulu 2012 Winter (4/13) : BANK OF HAWAII

Much time at Bank of Hawaii for opening an account I reached to Bank of Hawaii. I asked a woman where I could o...
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