Makuhari : Indian lunch time at Dewan (デュワン)

Our whole lunch, Dewan Makuhari branch (Makuhari) Chiba
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Popular Indian restaurant far from the station.

There’s Dewan’s branch in Ichihara that is my hometown and it is rather popular restaurant in Ichihara district, but they quit their business last year.
But this Makuhari branch is more popular and better location than Ichihara branch. So, I think it won’t quit their business for the time being 🙂

Appearance, Dewan Makuhari branch (Makuhari)


(Closed) Goi : Indian curry at Dewan of my hometown
Notice : Dewan Ichihara branch already quit their business. Makuhari branch is still open. (August 23rd, 2015) P...

I said now it’s “better” location than Ichihara branch. But it isn’t good location.We had to got off at Makuhari-Hongo station and took bus (15 minutes ?). We got off at Makuhari Driving licence center and then walked for five minutes.

But thanks to this poor location, their restaurant is large ! Good place is very expensive.
Still, there were lots of people in the restaurant and few vacant seats !

The menu is almost as same as Ichihara branch’s.
And the prices are Makuhari prices ! :p

Lunch menu, Dewan Makuhari branch (Makuhari)


We ordered Curry lunch set (カリーランチ, 1030 yen) that can be chosen two curries from six curries. That is to say, we were two person, so, we could eat four curries 🙂
Curry lunch set have salads, naan (or rice), two curries and one drink !

Our whole lunch, Dewan Makuhari branch (Makuhari)

2人なのでカリーランチで4種類のカレーを食べちゃおう作戦!(`・ω・´) 巨大ナン出たー!

Oh, huge naan appeared ! It was really huge ! But it had springy texture and delicious 🙂

We chose these four curries.

Butter chicken
Standard curry. Butter chicken. Lots of chickens meats were hidden 🙂

Butter chicken, Dewan Makuhari branch (Makuhari)

定番中の定番、バターチキン(`・ω・´) 中におにくゴロゴロいます。

Daal palak
Daal and spinach curry.

Daal palak, Dewan Makuhari branch (Makuhari)


Keema curry with green peas. So much minced meat !

Keema, Dewan Makuhari branch (Makuhari)


Spicy chicken
As its name, it had plenty of peppers and was spicy.

Spicy chicken, Dewan Makuhari branch (Makuhari)


Drink could be chosen from lassie, chai, iced coffee and tomato soup
My drink was lassie 🙂

Lassie, Dewan Makuhari branch (Makuhari)

About Dewan Makuhari branch (デュワン 幕張店)

Address / Gourmet Oedo bldg 2F, 2-33 Hamada, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
Station / Makuhari station (JR)
Open / 11:00 – 15:00, 17:00 – 22:30
Closed / Tuesdays



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