Creperie Alchon (クレープリー・アルション) in Namba

Fruits Chantilly, Creperie Alcyon, Nanba (Trip to Osaka 201504) OSAKA
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Recently in Japan crepe and pancake is very popular. Of course, in Osaka, too. You know Osaka have already “Konamon” culture.
Konamon means foods made from flour. Speaking of Konamon in Osaka, we know udon, okonomiyaki, takoyaki and so on. And more, pancake and crepe will be included in their Konamon culture soon.

Actually there’s a very popular crepe shop and cafe at the heart of Namba area. The cafe’s name is Creperie Alcyon. As their name, they serve crepe mainly. Yellow building with French flag is so cute ! We felt we were in Province !

Appearance, Creperie Alcyon, Namba
Crepe menu, Creperie Alcyon, Namba

When we got to the restaurant, there were already four groups waiting.
We waited about 1 hours.

Also there’s a window to take order “to go” besides the entrance. So we can buy crepes and galette to go.

Where ?

The closest station is Namba station. Exit B16 and B18 is the closest. But I recommend if you loss your way at the underground, you’d better go up to the ground. Underground of Namba is very difficult for strangers.


The cafe floor is on the 1F and 2F. Our seats were on the 2F
This building was built in 1952, so it’s old. Also the room is small.
But the interior is very nice.

Interior, Creperie Alcyon, Namba

Awesome crepe and galette

They have lunch menus at the lunchtime, and when we visited there, they were lunch hour. So, we shared Alcyon lunch (アルションランチ, 960 yen) and Crepe set(クレープセット, 880 yen).
Each set have one drink and Alcyon lunch have salads.

Salad, Creperie Alcyon, Namba

At first, our drinks were served. Mine was herbal tea. Though it was tea bag, the smell was good and it was tasty.

Tea, Creperie Alcyon, Namba

Sugar in a treasure box !

Jewerly box, Creperie Alcyon, Namba

Alcyon lunch have “today’s gallete”. Today’s gallete that day was “Galette with smoked salmon, cabbage and shimeji mushroom with creamy sauce”.
But I couldn’t find smoked salmon… Perhaps the ingredients of lunch galette might have changed on the way. Or too small to find the taste.

Smoked salmon,cabbage and shimeji mushroom with creamy sauce , Creperie Alcyon, Namba

But the galette was good. Its ingredients were like creamy stew.

Crepe set have one crepe and it can be chosen from about 10 crepes. We chose Fruits Chantilly. Fruits Chantilly have seasonal fruits and whipped cream on it. Seasonal fruits that day was apple !
And the kirsch-flavored creme was delicious. It wasn’t too sweet but had pleasant smell.

Fruits Chantilly, Creperie Alcyon, Namba

I recommend their crepe and galette if you get tired of eating Osaka’s traditional Konamon 😉

About the cafe

Name in English / Creperie Alcyon
Name in Japanese / クレープリー・アルション
Address / 1-4-18, Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone / 050-5589-6203

Open / 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Saturdays / 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Sundays and another national holidays / 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Closed / January 1st

Reservation / Available
Credit card / Unavailable
URL / Website (in Japanese only)


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