Coffee Senmonten ACE (珈琲専門店エース) in Kanda

Interior, Coffee specialty shop ACE (Jinbocho) Tokyo
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Showa period remains in Kanda.

I rarely go to Kanda, but there’s my delight cafe named Coffee senmonten ACE is one of them.
Don’t you think the signboard is retro ? They started their business in 1971.

Appearance, Coffee specialty shop ACE (Jinbocho)

40 coffees from world, Coffee specialty shop ACE (Jinbocho)

Like them who call themselves coffee specialty shop, they serves about 40 kinds of coffees.

Its interior have a good atmosphere. Classic interior. The vacuum coffee maker sounded comfortable sounds. This shop is like treasure box 😀

Interior, Coffee specialty shop ACE (Jinbocho)

Interior, Coffee Senmonten Ace (Kanda)

I don’t know a lot about coffee and I couldn’t choice one from many kinds of coffee, so I ordered a Today’s valuable coffee (本日のサービス品).
Today’s valuable coffee that day was Peru’s one and it cost me 450 yen 🙂  What coffee selected as Today’s coffee seems lower price than usual.
Umm, the coffee jelly looks yummy, too 😉

Service coffee is from pelu, Coffee specialty shop ACE (Jinbocho)


My coffee came with the word “Peru (ペルー)” on the tag attached to the edge of the saucer.  Oh, my ! I had never seen such a tag !
And the tag is retro, too.

Service coffee, Coffee specialty shop ACE (Jinbocho)

The coffee was light and tasty. It didn’t have any bitterness.
This shop recommends “Toraja coffee” at the shop.
I didn’t know about that, so I googled it. Toraja coffee is cultivated in Sulawesi island of Indonesia. It is said to be the greatest coffee of Coffea arabica.
Dear me, I want to try it !

By the way, this kissaten have a famous food. That is this.

Laver sandwich (のりトースト, 140 yen)

Seaweed sandwich, Coffee specialty shop ACE (Jinbocho)


It is very simple food, sandwiched laver between breads coated with butter and soy sauce. But it was awesome.
I might cook it at home… I’ll try it ! Ordinary toast is 190 yen at the shop.This seaweed sandwich is very inexpensive compared with another foods at at the shop.
I heard that the shop didn’t rise the price of seaweed sandwich only though they rose another foods and drinks prices with past rising prices in Japan.
But another foods are enough inexpensive 🙂

And, this shop sells much kinds of milk teas. Romania-style, Yugoslavia style…etc.

Interesting tea, Coffee Senmonten Ace (Kanda)

It’s Sofia Milk Tea (ソフィア風ミルクティ).Sofia is a capital of Bulgaria. It had whipped cream on it. It was sweet and tasty 🙂

Sofia milktea, Coffee Senmonten Ace (Kanda)

They serve breakfast until 11:30 a.m. and we can have coffee and laver sandwich for with 500 yen (Aセット). I want to go there for it next time 😉

Breakfast, Coffee Senmonten Ace (Kanda)

Table, Coffee Senmonten Ace (Kanda)

About Coffee Senmonten ACEi (珈琲専門店エース)

Address / 3-10-6 Uchi-kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kanda station (JR, Tokyo metro)
Open / 7:00 – 19:00
Saturdays / 7:00 – 14:00
Closed / Sundays and national holidays



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