Chinese local dishes (Roppongi)

I had eaten Chinese cuisine several times, but I had never met such an eccentric dishes.
The restaurant is in a small building near Roppongi station.


This restaurant serves Chinese local dishes.
This is the gate of unknown for me.

It never seems the gate of ordinary restaurant 😛
It looks like a entrance of room that is held dubious party.
Entrance, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi


My tea was rose tea (バラ茶, 580 yen). Beautiful 🙂

Rose tea, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi


Appetizer, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi

*Antipasto(前菜盛り合わせ) 3600 yen for four.

Antipasto, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi
YOU can’t eat the tortoise ! 😛

*Duck’s brain (鴨の脳みそ) 680 yen.

It tasted like soft roe 🙂
Duck's brain, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi

*Century eggs(ピータン盛り) 420 yen.

Century egg, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi

This was the first time to eat whole century egg. It had the smell of addled eggs… (>_<)

*Duck’s tongue (百家風鴨舌の炒め) 980 yen.

Duck's tongue, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi
It was tasty, but there were scarcely any meats…. 🙁

*Deep fried pig’s colon whole (豚大腸カリカリ一本揚げ) 1100 yen.

Pig's colon, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi

I hadn’t eaten pig’s ‘colon’. But those had strong fragrance and it hadn’t bad smell at all.

*Spring rolls with oysters and seaweed (牡蠣と岩海苔の磯春巻き) 680 yen.

Spring rolls, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi

*Assorted split roasted mutton and duck (串焼き盛り合わせ) 780 yen.

Mutton, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi

*Mapo tofu (正宗麻婆豆腐) 950 yen.

Mapo tofu, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi
With this mapo tofu, I can eat many bowls of rice 🙂

*Pork ham (自家製中国ハム) 780 yen.

It was ordinary ham, I felt.
Pork ham, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi

*Rice gruel with baby birds and seasonal vegetables , Cantonese style (ひな鳥と季節野菜の広東風薬膳粥) 1500 yen.
The soup had good taste 🙂
Rice gruel, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi

*Steamed flatfish (カレイの姿蒸し) 1800 yen.

Recently I found that Chinese cuisine have good fish dishes. It was good, too. But those slices of green onions attacked my stomach 😛
The green onion had a sharp taste.
Anglerfish, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi

* Stir-fried prawn in chili sauce (芝エビチリソース煮込み) 1100 yen.

Stir-fried shrimp in chili sauce, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi

*Sweet and sour pork (黒酢風特製酢豚) 1600 yen.

Sweet and sour pork, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi
This was more a pork steak than sweet and sour pork ! But I got tired of eating while eating it. It had too strong taste and sweet.

* Boiled sesami dumplings (ゆでゴマ団子) 480 yen.
Sesame dumplings, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi

I like it in all the dishes that I had at the restaurant.
Lifting sesame dumplings, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi

*Eight treasure tea (八宝茶).

Eight treasrure tea, Kuronekoyoru, Roppongi


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