Asakusabashi : Shizuoka oden at Binnteji (びんてじ)

Oden - Wagyu tendon, black pork stomach and bowels, black hanpen, Japanese konjac jelly containing yam, daikon radish and boiled egg, Binnteji (Asakusabashi) Tokyo

Shizuoka-style Oden could be eaten in Tokyo !

I felt like eating oden before it’ll getting hotter.
My friend asked me if I’d like to eat out after work, and I said, “I want to eat oden !”

We decided to eat oden at Binteji close to Asakusabashi station.

Appearance, Binnteji (Asakusabashi)


They don’t serve ordinary oden ! They serve Shizuoka style oden !
I had eaten canned Shizuoka oden before, but I couldn’t find the difference.

At first, we ordered our drinks. My drink was it.

Kakqubaba, Binnteji (Asakusabashi)


Kakuqubaba is original cocketail of Binnteji that is contained awamori liquor.

At first, Assorted three appetizers (びんてじ酒肴盛り合わせ 三点盛り, 680 yen) came.
Cream cheese, salted sea squirt and mashed soy sauce pickled soybean curd.

Assorted three appetizer, Binnteji (Asakusabashi)


It went with alcoholic drinks (especially Japanese sake ;)) well because it was salty, but every foods were salty and it was too much for us, just two persons. Maybe, it as good for three or four persons 🙂

Salted sea squirt.

Salted sea squirt, Binnteji (Asakusabashi)


Raw young sardines (生しらす, 450 yen)

Raw young sardines, Binnteji (Asakusabashi)


We didn’t expect so much because they are oden izakaya, but it was so tasty. I think it had good quality as same as Kashigashira’s 🙂

Gizzard with sesami (砂肝の胡麻よごし, 550 yen)

gizzards with sesami, Binnteji (Asakusabashi)


It had sesami oil flavor and its crunchy texture was good.

And Oden. That’s the Shizuoka oden.
I don’t know a lot about Shizuoka oden.
Only what I had known about Shizuoka oden was Shizuoka oden’s hanpen (fish cake) is colored black.

Oh, Black hanpen !!

Oden - Wagyu tendon, black pork stomach and bowels, black hanpen, Japanese konjac jelly containing yam, daikon radish and boiled egg, Binnteji (Asakusabashi)


Wagyu tendo (和牛牛すじ, 280 yen), Black pork stomach and bowel (黒豚白もつ, 200 yen), Handmade black hanpen (手作り黒はんぺん, 200 yen), Japanese konjac jelly containing yam (山芋つなぎこんにゃく, 150 yen), boiled egg(ゆでたまご, 120 yen) and daikon radish (大根, 250 yen)

Beef tendon and black pork stomach and bowel was soft.

The soup had stronger color than ordinary oden but it wasn’t strong in taste.
we put furikake on the ingredients just before eating.

And more, we wanted eat oden,
Fried minced fish and vegetables (さつま揚げ, 180 yen), narutomaki (なると巻き, 150 yen) and potato (おいも, 150 yen)

Oden - Deep‐fried minced fish and vegetables, Naruto roll and potato, Binnteji (Asakusabashi)


Black soup soaked into the narutomaki and I couldn’t find the difference between it and chikuwabu from its looking 😛

We could find the difference of the taste between Shizuoka oden and ordinary oden easily by eating standard ingredients like daikon radish, boiled egg, beef tendon

I like ordinary oden all the same … 😉 but Shizuoka oden was good, too.
Ah, I feel like eating oden again.

I wonder if convenience store still sell oden,,,
Eating hot oden or hot-pot in the air-conditioned room is so happy 🙂

About Binteji (びんてじ)

Address / Ohara Daisan Bldg 1F 1-31-4 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Station / Asakusabashi station (JR, Toei subway)
Open / 18:00 – 23:00
Closed / Sundays and national holidays
Website / Japanese only)



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