Ajidokoro Musashino (味処むさし野) in Matsudo Kamihongo

Seasonal gohan, Ajidokoro Musashino (Kamihongo) Chiba
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I went to my friend’s most favorite ramen shop in Chiba the other day.
The shop is named “Ajidokoro Musashino” that stands in Kamihongo.

We took about 15 minutes walk from Minoridai station (Shin-Keisei Line).

Appearance, Ajidokoro Musashino (Kamihongo)
It never seems ramen shop from its appearance. It looks like nice Japanese cuisine restaurant.
Now, it is most popular ramen shop in Chiba. We arrived at the shop about 10 minutes before the shop open, but there were already three persons waiting in front of the door.

Menus, Ajidokoro Musashino (Kamihongo)

Also the interior was elegant.
Menus  were on the wall. That’s all.

There is no ticket vending machines.
We ordered after being seated and we paid when we left.
We can have meal with relax. It is very nice.

I ordered Chinese noodles (中華そば, 750 yen) and seasonal rice bowl (季節のごはん, 300 yen)

It is seasonal rice bowl. Arch shell ligaments sashimi, fried chicken wing stick and cellophane noodles was on snow crab takikomi gohan.
Luxurious meal !

Seasonal gohan, Ajidokoro Musashino (Kamihongo)
You can’t order only it. You have to order with noodles.

Tha soy sauce and sugar taste was soaked in the wing stick and cellophane noodles well.

Seasonal gohan (close), Ajidokoro Musashino (Kamihongo)

And chinese noodles. It looks elegant. Transparent soy sauce soup. I felt the good taste of fish.
Chuka-soba, Ajidokoro Musashino (Kamihongo)

Homemade curly noodles. It was similar to kishimen.
Noodles of chuka soba, Ajidokoro Musashino (Kamihongo)
It is my friend’s “Tsuke soba (つけそば, 850 yen). It is tsukemen.The ingredients were well dished up on the bamboo basket.
Tsukesoba, Ajidokoro Musashino (Kamihongo)

I tasted it a bit, and I liked it better than my ramen 😛

Ajidokoro Musashino (味処 むさし野)
133-4 Matsudo-Shinden, Matsudo-shi, Chiba
Open – from 18:00 to 23:00
Holiday – Sundays


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