Ajidokoro Ichimura (味処いちむら) in Toyosu

I visited Ajidokoro Ichimura in Toyosu area at lunchtime. Because of redevelopment, Toyosu have much tall buildings, but there are still some old buildings and houses there. Ichimura is one of the long-established restaurant.

This door is have good atmosphere. But unexpectedly it’s new. This seems to be painted within a few years.

Ichimura is butcher and there’s a meat store on the ground floor. And the restaurant is on the 2nd floor.There is stairs on the right of the store.
Because they are butcher, they recommend beef.

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It’s very close from Toyosu subway station.


Basically there’re tables having four chairs each. And look at this view !
Modern view from such an old house !


This is the menu. I’m afraid they don’t have English menu.
It’s available at lunchtime and dinner time.One side have meal sets and drinks, and another side have foods.
Beef sets are over 1000 yen, but another is within 1000 yen. Inexpensive.

Though they are butcher, there’re various foods, not only meats but also seafood.Not they are close to the fish market, I think seafood will be also their recommendation.


Beef cutlets

I ordered beef cutlets set (牛カツ定食, 1200 yen). It’s available all year around.The beef cutlets was served with napolitan spaghetti and shredded cabbage on the dish. And boiled hijiki seaweed, miso soup, namul and rice.

Much sauce was put on the cutlet. Delicious.

The section. It’s medium rare.It’s lean meat.It had light tastes and was delicious.

Fried oysters with butter

They serve oysters during winter-spring.
I was looking forward to having oysters. This is fried oysters with butter (かきバター焼き定食, 1000 yen). Deep fried oysters is standard tastes of winter, but fried oysters with butter is not common food, especially at lunchtime.
It have napolitan, too :p

There are SEVEN oysters on the dish ! Those were coated with flour. Crisp. Because of this coating, extracts of oyster was locked into the coating.

It’s quite differ from fried oyster with butter that can be eaten at Odayasu and Tonkatsu Manpei in its appearance and tastes. But I like it.
1000 yen is very inexpensive. I want to try deep fried oysters in this Winter.

As a whole, their foods are inexpensive and good. So, people visit this restaurant one after another until last order. I agree.

About Ajidokoro Ichimura (味処いちむら)

Address / 4-2-2, Toyosu, Koto-ku, TOkyo
Phone / 03-3534-8395

Open / 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., 5 p.m. – 0 a.m.
Closed / Sundays and another national holidays

Reservation / Available for dinner time only
Credit card / Available at dinner time only
SMoking / Not permitted


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