Italy 2015 (12/14) : Trevi fountain and panino

Under repair, Trevi Fountain, Rome (Trip to Italy 2015) ITALY
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Roman Holiday !

Last day of my trip to Italy, I was in Rome.We were free to do as we like whole day, so I thought how I enjoy last time in Italy.But I didn’t do shopping until then. And I needed to buy my mother’s bag. So I spared much time to do shopping 😛

At first, I went to jelato shop that I had wanted to go, but unfortunately it wasn’t open. Information that I got on the internet was wrong X(
And then I went to Repubblica station and bought a one-day ticket for bus and metro.

Metro and bus ticket, Rome (Trip to Italy 2015)

I heard Italy have much pickpockets, especially Rome, especially at metro.
So, I was so anxious about it. But platform in Repubblica station was gloomy and I got a freight.
It is natural that there are much pickpockets at such a dark place 🙁

And I was very surprised that Japan’s metro is light like under the sun.

Anyway, I managed to get on the train and went to Trevi Fountain.
It was under repair. I knew it was under repair in advance and I thought I can’t see Trevi at all. But I could see well 🙂
(also how they repair was seen well…)

Under repair, Trevi Fountain, Rome (Trip to Italy 2015)

Is this “Fountain” ?

Fountain, Trevi Fountain, Rome (Trip to Italy 2015)

We could go in front of it 🙂

Pavement, Trevi Fountain, Rome (Trip to Italy 2015)
Repairment can be seen, Trevi Fountain, Rome (Trip to Italy 2015)

I lot my way and met Quirinale on the way to Piazza di Spagna.

Stairs, Quirinale, Rome (Trip to Italy 2015)

I couldn’t find Piazza di Spagna after all… 🙁

I gave up going to Piazza di Spagna for the time being and went toward Vatican City.
On the way to Vatican City, I did some shopping and took lunch.

Panino shop.
I was so excited what to eat at Italy before the trip, but I had no time to have meal slowly. I wanted to have meal quickly ! (But I wanted to eat delicious foods)
So, panino was best choice !
Panino Divino


Also I found this shop on Trip Advisor 🙂

It was about 5 euro. With one drink (coke)


AfterI got out of the shop, I walked toward Vatican city again !

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