[Kagawa] Menzoku (讃岐うどん 麺賊) in Zentsuji

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I walked toward Zentsuji station after visiting Zentsuji temple and Kagawaken Gokoku Jinja shrine, but I felt hungry. And I found an udon shop on google map along the street to the station. So, I ate udon at this Menzoku (讃岐うどん 麺賊). This udon shop was born in 2012. When I got to there, there were many people in the shop. It’s past 2:30 (the closing time is 3 p.m.), but still half of the parking lot was occupied.

Most of people seems to be local people.

They are what is called, “self-service udon shop”. At first, we order and get udon at the right of tempura, and get tempura and onigiri as we want, and then pay. They have oden, too. It might be in Winter only.

We can be seated where we like after payment. Table, counter seats, and tatami. They have much seats. Also they sell vegetables that is grown around there.

They have a variety of udon. Of course they have normal kake udon and bukkake udon. And they have kimchi udon, ume tororo udon and so on. Each udon have three sizes. Small, medium and large. The most inexpensive udon is kake udon. It cost 210 yen.

So, I thought I try to eat something that I didn’t eat on this trip. I ordered small sized tsukimi tororo udon. Tsukimi means egg. And tororo is tororo konbu (processing kelp). It have warm and cold. I chose warm one. I felt hungry a bit. So, small size was good for me. I ate it up with easily. The flavor of the soup was good.

Small sized tsukimi tororo udon (月見とろろうどん) 500 yen

They make those udon in the shop. Not too thick. Not too thin. It went down smoothly. Delicious. But, I think I should have more simple one like kake udon. It’s delicious. But as you see, it have much tororo konbu. So, the soup was entirely controlled by the konbu on the way :p

So, I want to try normal tsukimi udon next time.

¥2,916 (2023/06/17 15:23時点 | Yahooショッピング調べ)


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