Morishita / 森下


[Tokyo] one and only nikomi at Yamariki Honkan (山利喜 本館) in Morishita

Suddenly I felt like eating Yamariki's nikomi, so I visited Yamariki Honkan (山利喜 本館) in Morishita just after the openin...

[Tokyo] Thick pancakes at Ono Coffee (小野珈琲) in Morishita

I know Ono Coffee (小野珈琲) in front of Morishita station is very popular cafe as pancake. Their pancake is characteristic...

Moved – [Tokyo] Yakiniku at Seiryuen (静龍苑) in Morishita

I went to yakiniku restaurant close to Morishita subway station in the middle of this month. The restaurant's name is S...

Maccha flavor is popular now.

Toppo maccha flavor and kakigori. I could't but buy it seeing such a special maccha sauce on whipped cream and maccha i...
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