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[Tsukiji] Pizza lunch at Tutto Bene !


Though there are many restaurants that serve spaghetti at lunchtime, there are few restaurants that serve pizza. Sometimes I feel like eating pizza at lunchtime.

When I heard a branch of Paradiso was open in Tsukiji area and they serve pizza at lunchtime, I was glad. The restaurant’s name is Tutto Bene ! (トゥットベーネ).

They have Margherita, Romana, Marinara al Filetto, Arri Arri, Maisu and Today’s pizza. “Today’s pizza” is, exactly, weekly one. When I took this photo, “Today’s pizza” was Marinara with squid, zucchini and tomato (without cheese). Basically, pizza set cost us 1200 yen each with salad.
*This photo was taken before. Now it’s 1200 yen. And “Today’s Pizza” is now half of today’s pizza and half of regular pizza (mostly Margherita)

The lunch menu is weekdays’ only.

There are counter seats on the 1F and tables are on the 2F. If we was seated in front of the kitchen, pizza oven can be seen well !

Though I expected they are so crowded because they are branch of the popular Paradiso, they are always vacant past 1 p.m. on weekdays.

As soon as I finished order at the seat, salad was served soon. Pizza was ready when I finished eating salad. And this salad was large. It’s one portion. Healthy. The dressing had sour tastes and was good. I always finish eating soon.

As soon as I finished eating salad, pizza was served. Unexpectedly pizza is cooked quickly ? As I said, “Today’s pizza” is now half of today’s pizza and half of standard pizza (mostly Margherita). Those photo was taken before that.

So… “Today’s pizza” mostly have seasonal ingredients. I always order it. When I visited there for the first time, “Today’s pizza” was Marinara with Napoli-style squid, zucchini and tomato (without cheese). Pizza is cut into 6 pieces in advance.

Colorful. Those tomato was juicy. The squid had crunchy texture and was good.

And another day. It was spring. So, the pizza had rape flower. Pizza with rape flower, spicy salami, Mozzarella and cherry tomato. It had much cheese. Delicious.

They have four standard pizza. Margherita, Marinara, Arri Arri and Romana. Margherita having cheese, tomato and basil is all the same, simply great ! Tomato and basil add refreshing flavor. Speaking of pizza, it occur at first. Mostly half of “Today’s pizza” is this Margherita. So, we can enjoy both.

I’m always satisfied with their large pizza. Especially, weekdays’ lunch set is valuable.
They accept order to go, so it’s good to have lunch under the cherry blossoms along Sumida River 😉


Name Tutto Bene ! (トゥットベーネ!)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Available for dinner time only
URL Instagram, Facebook

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