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Alcoholic drinks : Three low-alcoholic drinks that made me disappointed

cola with tequila, Cocktail partner FOOD & DRINK

I challenged three new products.

Cocktail Partoner coke with tequila, Asahi

cola with tequila, Cocktail partner

It tastes like cutting cola with tequila.It’s fourth percent alcohol by volume.

Horoyoi Iced tea flavor, Suntory

Iced tea flavor of Horoyoi

Come to think of it, I don’t like iced tea.
And, sparkling iced tea….
It’s third percent alcohol by volume.

Sokai Karakuchi (beer taste drink), Suntory

Sokai Karakuchi
Alchoholic drink like beer.I got it for sample. But this is weak, too. It is easy to drink, if spoken
with good intention.It’s fifth percent alcohol by volume.This is cheaper than beer.


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